Chasing Texas

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Act normal, they say.
Normal? Can anyone act normal after what I've been through?
But I guess that's exactly what it is.
An act.

When Veronica Hatterfield starts her senior year of high school two weeks late in small-town Virginia, she's all anyone can talk about. Pretty, kind, and with a great love for the word "y'all", the Texas native knows how to make an entrance.
But there's more to Veronica than she lets on. The unspeakable horrors of her past have enclosed her in a wall of defense; separating her from the pain and grief...and threatening to come down at any given moment.
And some people have begun to notice.
All she wants to do is survive her last year of high school without losing her sanity, but sometimes healing can only come when there's nothing left to hide.

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A Labyrinth

Submitted: July 28, 2017

Veronica Room 101, 108...114? What the hell was this school? A labyrinth? I huffed in frustration, looking back down at my schedule... Read Chapter