Dreams Eclipse Nightmares

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This is dedicated to everyone else who's ever been bullied! May your dreams always eclipse your nightmares.

Submitted: July 28, 2017

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Submitted: July 28, 2017



In total darkness I saw a glowing, polychromatic angel sitting across from me.

“We need to have a talk,” she said.

“About what?” I asked. “Are you breaking up with me?”
She smirked. “Cute.”

“But really where the hell am I?”

She took a deep breath. “Well, I’m sorry I have to tell you this, but you’re dead.”

I squinted my eyes. “So are you in my coffin or something?”

She snickered. “No. I believe your body was donated to science so you probably didn’t even get a coffin.”

“Oh, yeah. That’s what I always wanted. #JustMortalThings.”

“Yes. Ahem. But this next part might come as good news. I have an offer for you.”

“An offer I can’t refuse?”

“I would say so! I’m here to give you an opportunity to put your imagination to work. Because your imagination was just so outlandish and also because you were murdered and didn’t get to really complete the typical mortal life things—“

“—Typical mortal life things? What’s that supposed to mean?” I wanted to know. “Hey you’re not better than me!”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I’m an angel. Of course I’m better than you. Anyway some of us,” she continued. “thought you might be able to contribute to living people’s dream lives. So now I present to you the chance to be more creative than ever!”

“But I’m still dead?”

“And always will be! You didn’t believe in anything except your dreams so now they’re all you get.”

“Sounds like heaven to me.”

“I’m not surprised. Okay it will work like this: visualize the best location you can, and it can be all yours for 12 hours of every day.”

“And the other 12 hours?”

“You have to share it,” she answered. “And operate it like an amusement park.”

“With who?”

“Anyone who finds it.”

I thought about it. “Alright. When can I start?”

“Immediately. I just have a little more information to impart.” She handed me a gift. “Here’s a gun. You can use this on anyone who becomes a disturbance to you or anyone else. It will shock them and cause them to wake up.”

I smiled and felt lighthearted. “So even angels are for the second amendment.”

“Like they say, it’s a good day when you don’t have to use your AK, but it’s an even better day when someone breaks into your house and you gun them down with your AK.” She winked.

“I promise to give this my all. Thank you.”

She stood up, walked over to me, and placed a hand on my shoulder. “Good luck.” With that said she vanished.

I closed my eyes and put my imagination to work picturing all the most scenic places I could think of. What I came up with was a land of never-ending night, laser tag, arcades, rainbow-tinted stars, dance floors, hot air balloons, carnival rides, vendors full of ice cream and candy, a neon bar, autumn trees, pumpkins, waterslides and iridescent lagoons.

When I opened my eyes everything I loved was in front of me. Dance music was playing, and I found myself wearing the most stylish black dress with rainbow jewelry and thigh high socks.

I loved it so much I was afraid I might wake up and never see it again.

Walking around I was astonished by this dream come true. There was no one around me except the occasional kaleidoscopic butterfly passing by.

I found one clock in the middle of the one house I came across, and the time said 12. I figured that meant I had twelve hours left until the first visitors started coming.

Then I noticed my new closet was full entirely of black clothes and rainbow accessories, my favorite, and the refrigerator in my house was full of nothing but chocolate cake and sprinkles. I smiled upon realizing I’d never be worrying about my health, finances, or anything like that again now! I was the princess of this fantasy. I didn’t have to be scared of death because it had already gotten me! Happiness overwhelmed me as I kept exploring and danced to the music whenever I felt like it.

In a hot air balloon I watched a psychedelic meteor shower, and on the waterslides I screamed in total bliss.

I had just dried off and put my dress back on when the first people came. I discovered I was kind of glad to say hello to them after being alone. They had access to any of the cotton candy and other sweets that were out, but  if they wanted a drink I worked at the bar and served them whatever they wanted whether it was a milkshake or pina colada dyed blue.

The customers were so appreciative and friendly, and I watched as the crowds grew bigger and bigger as the days went on.

Soon enough people were dancing like it was a party and filling up every ride on the carnival.

Just when I was beaming and thought things couldn’t get better, a handsome man materialized.

“Hi,” I said as I worked at the bar. “What can I get you?”

He pretended to look over the menu. “How about one order of you? Straight up.”

I giggled. “Sorry. I don’t quite fit in any of the cocktail glasses here.”

“How about the one back at my place?”

I could feel myself blushing and saw other people looking at me. This was unbelievably awkward, but I tried to remember no one could embarrass me as much as myself. “Charming but no thanks. What would you really like?”

As I leaned against the counter he placed his hand on top of mine. “I am serious. Spend some time with me.”

I hadn’t gotten close to anyone in the longest time. When I danced with the other visitors we never so much as exchanged names. I admitted, “No offense but I’m not looking for friends.”

“That’s fine because I want to be a lot more than friends,” he answered.

I smiled and looked down. “I’m not really looking for that either.”

He touched my face and spoke softly. “I can forgive that.”

I felt baffled.

He smiled the most wickedly sensual smile. There was no telling what was going on in that brain of his. “Come on. Let’s go.”

A pretty lady was next to him and raised her glass to me like a toast. “Enjoy yourself, girl. You deserve it,” she told me.

I didn’t feel prepared for this but smiled back at her and addressed everyone around me. “Okay. Hey everyone, can I have your attention?” The crowd grew quiet. “Anybody who still has a drink request please raise your hand and let me know what it is, and I’ll get it to you! After that I’m closing the bar early and locking up. Thanks for coming, and have a wonderful night!”

Once the last orders were completed I headed out with the new guy.

“Where do you want to go?” he asked.

I shrugged. “I don’t know. I was just ready to stay at the bar all night!”

“How about swimming?”


We went and had an alright time, but being an introvert I didn’t enjoy myself as much as when I went swimming by myself. Being with someone else always added a level of self-consciousness that I had to cover up around others so they wouldn’t think I just disliked them. If they were a stranger I had no reason to dislike them but felt apprehensive about doing something wrong and then having them dislike me.

The crowds lessened and lessened until no one was left except him and me.

“Get over here,” he said in the water at one point. “And put your arms around my neck.”

I was laughing. “Why?”

“Do it,” he ordered. When I did he said, “Kiss me.”

I shook my head. “What are you, my puppetmaster?”

But he kissed me passionately, and I could feel my heart beating faster as I felt a little bit frightened. I’d always been a failure with touch, and I suppose being murdered hadn’t helped.

“I’m working on it” were his last words before he disappeared like everyone else.

I put one hand over my mouth and stood in the water for a few moments just thinking. I didn’t hate him and he hadn’t hurt me, but secretly I hoped he wouldn’t return. I never liked jokes about being controlled. I didn’t like anything about being controlled, and he was the only one who had brought up stuff like that lately. In fact no one else had changed anything about my schedule until he came along.

But like a recurrent dream he did come back, and I didn’t have a concrete excuse for telling him off yet. “I’d rather be doing this,” I’d say when I was up to something he was trying to get me out of.

“It makes me sad when you don’t want to be with me,” he would say.

It got tiring. If I was just negative to him at this point he would make me out to be the bad guy, but the fact was I didn’t care to be with him and he didn’t know me enough to even understand that.

“How about you hang out with some of the other visitors,” I suggested one time. “You don’t need me to have a good time!”

“I don’t like them as much as you,” he said. “I love you.”

It was the first time he’d said it, and rather than making me feel butterflies in my stomach, it made me feel claustrophobic like my privacy was being invaded. How could he love me when he was clueless as to how miserable he was making me?

“Don’t you love me, too?” He asked as I cleaned up the bar.

“I just don’t want to go,” I replied. “I’m serving drinks all night.”

I learned at this time he could convert a look of anger into a smile in the blink of an eye. “Alright. Fine. Maybe some other time.” He left the bar smoking, and I went after him.

“Hey. All smoking’s prohibited. Where did you get that?”

There was a darkness behind his smile as he blew the smoke into my face and kissed me. “Don’t worry about it,” he said before disappearing.

It seemed like he was able to come and go as he pleased in a way that no one else could. Most visitors never returned, which was a shame since I never saw some of the ones I’d had the most fun with, and yet I couldn’t get rid of this guy.

I wanted to inquire why he was still around. Unfortunately I couldn’t think of a way of asking without sounding obnoxious. Manners can be so restrictive, but my patience was dwindling.

After what he’d done with his cigarette a petite lady said to me, “He’s a jerk. Forget him,” as she entered the bar.

She was sassy, saucy even, and we ended up talking a lot. Afterwards we went dancing, and it was while we were dancing that the guy I couldn’t lose reemerged. No one had ever visited twice in one shift! 

“Let’s go,” he said as he grabbed my arm and pulled me away.

“Let her be!” the lady I was with shouted at him. “She doesn’t want you! Get over it!”

He raised a hand to hit her, but I got in front of him. “Stop,” I said. “I’ll go with you.” That lady felt like the first real friend I’d had here, and I was so worried he’d hurt her. Although I was terrified I faced her and said, “I’ll be okay. Just stay here.”

She looked concerned but nodded before hugging me goodbye.

He and I left, and I had every intention of shooting him as soon as we were alone. But I didn’t want to make a scene. No visitor had been shot, and I didn’t want to ruin their nocturnal vacations.

As we walked I saw that the colors all around me had faded. It shocked me and had me wondering what was wrong, and as the guy gripped my arm too tightly and pulled me along I had a vague idea of what it might be.

In my house we argued. I thought that maybe I could convince him to leave, but I was wrong. He didn’t listen as I explained everything that was bothering me. “Look!” I said. “I don’t need you telling me to wear more clothes or picking on who I talk with. You drain the fun out of how I live and then pick on me when I’m not happy! Sorry but I can’t help it I’m not happy with you!”

He grew infuriated. “Are you turning on me?”

I laughed at him. “Listen to me when I say I don’t care if you feel entitled to my kindness, but you’re not. And actually I think you’re the one who turned on me. You’re the one who was trying to change me. I want you gone.”

He held me by the shoulders and slammed my body against the wall. “Take that back.”

My eyes felt like flames. I could feel tears building up, but I said, “Go.”

Instead he slammed me against the wall again before throwing me on the ground.

As the pain seared through my body I saw the last of the colors around me pass away. My vibrant dream had withered in front of me.

“Why can’t you just do what I tell you to?” he demanded. “This is all your fault! You’re not making me happy.” 

I was crying when I said, “Go find some happiness of your own! And quit ruining mine.”

“Don’t ever tell me what to do!” he yelled.

My eyes kept burning. “Oh, so you can tell me, but I can’t tell you? What is wrong with you?”

He stood above me as he answered. “I own you.  Deep inside you know you’re not even equal to the people you’re always serving drinks. That’s why you’re serving them and not the other way around. You’re my puppet, and I can do anything I want to you.”

I’d had a feeling he was bad, but this was beyond evil. “What happened to you?” I reached for the gun I kept strapped on one leg, but it wasn’t there. I couldn’t believe how grim things had gotten.

“Looking for your gun?” he said menacingly. “Yeah, I thought you might. Heads-up you have no chance at outsmarting me when you’re not half as smart as me, and the sooner you get used to it the better.”

Leaning against my bed I pulled myself up until I was standing. “I will never get used to maltreatment,” I retorted. “And you’re not smart. You’re mad.”

“You can think that now.” He looked at himself in the mirror and ran a hand through his hair. “But it’s a temporary thing. I’m making you say vows so we can start our honeymoon within the hour. We’ll do this the old-fashioned way.”

“Are you kidding me?”

He grinned. “Not in the least. Doll yourself up.”

As he resumed looking at himself in the mirror I ran to the door and got out. He ran after me yelling,“You need me! I’m the only one who looks out for you! Someday you’ll see I’m right.”

He caught up to me, but I punched him in the eye. “Back off!”

He looked angrier than ever so I ran faster than ever and made it to the bar. I locked myself in, but he was already busy wrecking the windows to get in. I scanned the room and took the best potential weapon I laid eyes on. It was a giant, decorative wine bottle.

I headed upstairs and heard him charging up after me.  “There’s no one left to serve but me, baby! Come on,” he was saying. “We can work this out! You just need a little discipline. I can make you good. I can teach you how to be obedient.”

The moment he was in my view I stepped out of the shadows and hit him in the head with the bottle. He collapsed to the floor, and I saw the bottle’s glass lay shattered all around him.

“Guess it’s true what they say,” I commented. “Alcohol is a killer.”

Suddenly he pulled me down. Broken glass stabbed into my skin, and I heard myself say, “Why can’t you just go away!”

He got on top of me, but I took a piece of glass and rammed it into his throat. He fell over, and as he was lying face down his shirt was pulled up and I found my gun strapped to his lower back. I shot him in the head at once, and only sighed in relief when his body evaporated.

“You were nothing but a nightmare!” I thought aloud.

My hand was bleeding, and I had to pick the glass out of my back. But as revolting as that was, I saw colors gradually blossom back into existence outside the bar. The sight was so exquisite it made me cry. Then I felt an arm around my shoulder and saw the angel!

“I am so sorry you went through that,” she told me. “Someone told me there was a demon set on draining you, but it looks like I came too late.”

I gasped. “A demon?”

“Well, what else would you call him?”

I chuckled. “Good point.”

She gave me a hug, and tears fell down my face.

“So do I get my dream back?” I asked her.

The angel kissed my cheek, and subsequently her lips began to glitter with the wetness of my tears. “It never should’ve been taken away from you.”



I strolled through my colorful paradise as careless as I could be. The carnival rides were spinning. Visitors were eating and laughing, and no one stared since they were so preoccupied with the fun they were having.

I grabbed an ice cream cone and kept walking while eating. I was on my last bites when I reached the dance floor.

A cute guy recognized me straightaway. “Ah, the bartender!” he said.

I waved. “That’s me!” I never did tell anyone that this whole dreamland was technically mine. I was always just the bartender.

“Let me know if you need a dance,” he offered kindly.
It was sweet so I said, “Thanks, okay.” But I went onstage with some other girls and danced for hours on end until everybody had awakened from their sleep and taken off.

After that I went on any ride I wanted and felt like it was ten times more magical by myself. The wind was warm, refreshing, and sublime.

My dreams had without a doubt eclipsed my nightmares.

© Copyright 2017 Bridanya. All rights reserved.

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