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This is the beginning of a story about... well it's kinda obvious it's about Limbo. I will be uploading this 1 chapter at a time, and I will try to make updates at least every 2 months. I hope you enjoy and feel free to give feedback! All comments and suggestions are appreciated! Thank you!

Submitted: July 28, 2017

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Submitted: July 28, 2017




Chapter 1: It begins with the End


The sun shone brightly on the warm June day, when the semi hit the girl with a splat. She was walking home with the hopes of upcoming summer vacation. The children around her were talking, and making plans for parties late in the night. Blood splattered the windshield and stained the bright navy paint. Her body crackled like 1,000 knuckles under the weight of the truck. Buckets-worth blood spread on the street, and a girl wearing a crop-top taking selfies on her iPhone 7 plus. Screams of fear and disgust rose from the passing students, and sirens started to wail. There was crying as her peers looked on her mangled, dead corpse. Then they realized... that they would never see the girl again. 


The funeral was a dreadful one. It was closed-casket, because her body would have made anyone in their right mind throw up their guts, which she had none of. Everyone came. Her bullies, friends, best friends, ex-boyfriend, cousins she didn't remember, those people she only said "hi" to once or twice in the halls, and her mom. Her dad wouldn't be coming, because he spent that time drinking away his problems like always. But everyone who was there, said they knew her so well. How she loved to go on hikes up mountains, and how she loved the color pink. When really, she loved to go boogie boarding at the beach and adored the color mint. She loved to stay at home and play video games, while drinking sodas. Her favorite season was winter, were she could snuggle up with hot cocoa and YouTube. She always wanted to see the world, especially Japan. But the only one who knew all this was her closest friend Sydney. Who cried in the bathroom, wishing she could hug her and fall deeper in love with her... one last time.


Iris never really thought about death. She always tried to push the thought out of her head, because it made her feel sick to her stomach. But she did have to think about it, especially when she saw a 2 ton truck 4 inches from her face. She never knew what happened after death, and didn't really want to. She just wanted to live the one life she had to the fullest. But... she was wrong on that account. If Iris had to pick anywhere she would end up after death, it would have been on a white fluffy cloud, or the deepest pits of red fiery mud. Maybe a lush oasis, maybe another hospital and a new life. 


She did not expect to be in an office building's waiting room.

Iris sat straight up from the chairs she was laying on, and looked around frantically. She didn't know where she was, and what the heck happened. But her thoughts were interrupted by a peppy voice saying,

“Iris Gay Dover? Is there an Iris Gay Dove?”

Iris instinctively got up, and walked over to the desk. Behind it was a girl no over the age of 24, with pastel pink hair flowing down her back and shoulders. She had a kind smile, and soft brown eyes. 


"I'm here, but my name isn't Iris Gay Dover, it's Iris Gaaii Dover. Like gah-ee. It was my grandmothers name." Iris said, wondering why she was not asking all the questions racing in her head like the Indy 500.


"Oh! I'm so sorry, I just got this job 1 year ago, and I'm still getting the hang of it. I only got 4,999 years left to work, and then I'll have earned enough soul points to live in Uptown." The receptionist looked up dreamily at the ceiling. 


Iris just stood there, trying to take in what she just said. Another voice interrupted, this one more slick and monotone.


"Cathy. What in ____'s name are you doing?"

Iris paused. She turned to face the woman. She had said nothing. It wasn't like she closed her mouth, she just said something, but no words or breath came out. Iris just stood there more puzzled than when she had to explain why she had to study exponential growth in french for a skit that was a grade in english, and if she failed she couldn't get into social studies honors, which meant she would not get into a good college to pursue science. She was more puzzled than her parents during that conversation. Father was drunk, so he didn't think much of it.


"Helllloooo?? Iris? You ok???" Cathy frantically waved her hand in front of Iris's face, and accidentally hitting her smack in the nose. 


"Ugh," the slick woman looked disgusted. "Come with me, Iris. We have a lot of planning to do." She walked toward a wood door as bland as she was, and didn't look back to see if she was following.


Iris chased after her. "Planning? Soul points? Uptown? What ever you said before?? What the HELL is going on?!?" 


"Sorry, I don't believe you're qualified for Hell."


The door slammed behind them.


Chapter 2: Plan for Eternal Retirement but without the Retirement Part: by Panic! At The Disco


"Let's get started," The woman said as she shuffled through some papers. Her slick black hair was in a tight bun, and she had white cold skin. Her reading glasses rested on the brink of her nose and were as stern as the rest of her. She had no color in her eyes, or by her, except for everything in the shades of gray.

"Iris? Iris," she snapped. Iris jumped at her stern voice, one of an iceberg.


"Y-yes...?" Iris timidly said as she sat in the chair. She felt like the principal was scolding her for breaking a window. It wasn't like she had done that before...


"Iris! Pay attention! This is exceedingly important!" She looked like she was going to hit Iris with a ruler.


"One question," Iris inquired. "What are we planning for exactly?"

"Well, it is pretty straight forward. Your death plan. It is much like your human's "insurance"." She said condescendingly in air quotes.


"Oh! So... It's an eternal retirement plan without the retirement part!" Iris thought she was Sherlocks Homes, or whoever that detective guy from English was. She was never good at English. Or math. Or science. Or social studies, PE, and basically every other class except art. Which she was marginally good at. 


“Uh…,” she glared to the side. “I guess.”


“So… what are my options?” Iris hesitantly asked as she tried to look as formal as possible, whilst failing miserably. 


The woman groaned as she shuffled some papers and adjusted her glasses. “So, based on your file you were an atheist. That opens up a lot of options for you, this means that you could go to heaven, hell, or afterlives of anything else for that matter


She kept talking and talking and talking about “planning” and “eternal future” and boring stuff like that. She sounded almost exactly like Iris’s guidance counselor. “Oh shoot I should be paying attention.” But the more she tried to pay attention, the less and less she heard. She just nodded and smiled like she heard every word. She was so screwed.


“Do you understand?” the woman said. Iris was so screwed. 


“Yes,” Iris lied.


“So, you are ready to make your decision?” The woman seemed anxious. 


“Um… sure.” She was dead. Iris was so dead. More than she already was.


“Oh thank ____!” She exclaimed, relieved. Again with nothing. 


“So… um…” She had to stall. Anything. “I really can't decide! Could I wait a bit longer, learn more about my options? I… want to make sure I'm making the right choice.” Thank whatever god there was, she was saved.


“Defiantly!” This was the happiest she ever had seen the woman. Her gray face glowed a slight pink. Very, very, slight. “As long as you get out of here. I want lunch,” she mumbled. 


“What?” Iris questioned.


“Nothing! Go right next door to the information office for everything you need! Now go! Go!” The woman pushed her out of the room. And with a bang of the door, she was back in the waiting room. It was empty, and the sign on the front desk stated it was a lunch break. She was alone. Iris walked toward the translucent doors. The gray light shone through, as she wondered what would lie ahead. Welp, I guess only me, and whoever you are reading this will know.



Thanks for reading this far! Feel free to check back, as I will try to update as much as possible, chapter by chapter. Hope you enjoyed, and feel free to give feedback!

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