Preserve Me

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Submitted: July 28, 2017

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Submitted: July 28, 2017



Just a child without a name.

Locked to her ball and chain.

I guess he is just too young to know.

The whipporwill rests in the trees.

As he got down on his kness.

Not even love could preserve his starving dreams.

Fortune eyes full of lies.

A face worn by demise.

I heard the calls from near and far.

Her name echoed above the stars.

she went and broke his fragile heart.

Now the tears have been set free.

His only wish of serenity.

Is the soil to preserve his seeds.

now he's riding number seventeen

on his way to New Orleans.

To join the land of his unfinished dreams.

She knew trouble had to roam.

She left her worries all at home.

To bring back the love that she lost.

Departing on platform rust.

she greeted him with a kiss at dusk.

He now has what he always deserved..

A test in life is finally learned and now

Two hearts are finally preserved.

she let the wind blow through her hair.

Looking a wreck but she didnt care.

As long as that spark was still there.

In the air love has lingered.

He puts a ring around her finger.

A memory from fourty years ago.

He never once let her go.

And now her hair is white as snow.

I guess he is too old to know.

A true ode's heart aged like wine.

Holds a love preserved in time.

Preserve me before I need.

To find you once again.









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