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Of course! the idea for this poem came from the bible.

Submitted: July 28, 2017

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Submitted: July 28, 2017



The king of Egypt was really afraid,

He gave the order to kill the Hebrew male children.

Through the flags, the soldiers wade,

They saved the daughters, women and men.


Moses laid in the bitumen pitch basket,

Too young to know his fate.

Jochebed had to hide him and get--

Back home before it became too late.


Miriam stayed and waited,

For the king's daughter to arrive.

She didn't hesitated,

She had to save Moses--keep him alive.


The Princess knew it was a Hebrew child,

It laid there so beautiful and mild.

She held it up, then hugged it,

It was so young and fit.


The Princess was barren, Moses became her son,

When her father dies, Moses will be the next one.

Back in the palace jealousy broke out,

The king's court made comment, didn't know what they were talking about.


The astrologers saw Moses as a threat,

He would bring Egypt to ruin.

They urged the king to put Moses to death,

Before the end of June.


As a young man Moses saw two Hebrews fighting,

Kicking, pulling and biting.

He said: ''That's not good what you do,

You shuld be brothers and be true.''


They said: ''Why do you make such a big fuss?

Who made you judge over us?

Then Moses killed the Egyptian,

And fled to Midian.


There at the well, at midday,

He sat down for a rest.

Before he had time to pray,

Maidens and shepherds put him to the test.


The shepherds were rough and tough,

Moses, much more powerful.

Their speech were bad enough,

Still they rushed at Moses like a mad bull.


The shepherds were defeated,

They can go home and tell,

How they lied and cheated,

The 7 maidens at the well.


Jethro invited Moses to dine,

For rescuing his girls, Moses did fine.

Moses married Zipporah,

Jethro's daughter.


Standing at the burning bush,

An angel of light appeared.

Aaron and Miriam reminded Moses of Cush,

And the city he hafd spared.


After 80 years he returned to Goshen,

Everything a little more peaceful then.

He confronted the king,

With plagues and signs and everything.


''You will be like ''God'' to the king,'' God had said.

''Aaron will be your prophet.

I'll be inside your head.

Get the Israelites out, don't be the king's pet.


At the Red Sea, the rain belted down,

The Egyptians were in sight.

The Israelites cursed and frowned

The two armies didn't clash that night.


Early morning, a fire above,

Moses with his rod, parted the sea.

The Israelites went on dry land, as light as a dove,

They were rescued mysteriously.


The waters came back and caught Pharaoh's army,

Trying to imitate the Israelites.

They failed to catch their enemy,

The Israelites watched, and stood up for their rights.


At Mount Sinai,

God landed as a devouring fire.

On a mountain high,

He communicated without a wire.


Moses let the people out to meet God,

On the very third day.

They all gathered to hear THE LORD,

His voice out of fire,it was awesome they say.









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