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Submitted: July 28, 2017

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Submitted: July 28, 2017



I am about to tell you the story of Kaylan, the girl from Pluto. Now, science may tell you that there is no life on Pluto, but I know otherwise. My best friend is from Pluto; left Pluto when she was 15. Now to her story.

Kaylan lived on Pluto in her village of 79. She was made fun of every day. It was always something for those awful bullies; whether it was her hair, her skin, or her weight. The bullies would do all sorts of things just to make Kaylan's life miserable... So she left Pluto. She just couldn't take her awful life anymore. 

When I saw her ship land, I went to check it out. As she exited, I saw loads of books inside, and I asked her to tell me everything. She said that the bullies would rub mud in her gorgeous teal hair because it wasn't purple like everyone else's, they would scratch her to change her bright green skin to red. They would even steal her food so she would lose weight because they didn't like the fact that she was a little bit heavier than them. They hated when people were unique.

But, when Kaylan arrived here, all she saw was a green field....and me. She asked where all the people were, so I took her into town, and no one judged her, or told her she was ugly. She thought that she was living in a dream. Kaylan realized that everyone had a job, and she decided she wanted one too. She didn't think that it was okay for her to live here and not contribute to society. On that note, I thought that she would be a perfect librarian - due to all of the books in her ship - so I took her to the local library. She excitedly filled out an application, but it wasn't in English. I helped her translate it and taught her how to read English as we do here in California. Once all of that was finally finished, she found out she got the job. 

To this day she still works in that little local library nearby a farm in California. Every now and then, I go back to my hometown and check up on her to see how she is fitting in. Once there were even red-skinned people in there, and after they had left, she told me all about how the bullies from Pluto had come here to apologise. She really loves her life and couldn't ask for anything better.

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