The God Dominant

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How god based religion such as Christianity have contributed to atheism.

Submitted: July 28, 2017

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Submitted: July 28, 2017



At this time, atheism is more than just a product of science, of

those who seek to understand from a concise and material perspective.

The validity of the yearning for knowledge is met within it's boundries.

There is something more to the lack of spiritual faith that is directly linked

to the god based religions such as Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

The fact that the Source of the energies of the universe, that energy which is the

source of super novas and asteroids hurtling through space, would chose the male

 to be known upon the earth strikes a false cord within the human soul.

That which is of the very same balanced energy of creation is of both.

The positive in harmony with the negative, the light and the dark,

the masculine in balance with the feminine, that which is the source of creation

would never throw thought out of balance by chosing one gender over another

to be known upon the Earth. The falsehood of god based religions such as

christianity are part of the reason for the rise of atheism upon the Earth.

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