Hugo: Armageddon

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Submitted: July 28, 2017

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Submitted: July 28, 2017



While Hugo had Noah as a hostage, Maisy was still looking for them, Hugo stabbed Noah two times and left him dead, he then teleported to a different location. Hugo was in another state called New York the town was Florida, Hugo made his way into the toy shop and went back to plastic, Karen and Her Daughter Holly went into the toy shop, when Holly saw Hugo straight away she wanted him to be all hers, she took Hugo home with her, and showed him her bedroom. The next morning Holly went to school, and bought Hugo with her; They students were outside for lunch while Hugo was in the classroom all by himself, he came to life, and went to the whiteboard; he had a texter in his hand and Wrote, Fat Whore! the bell rang for the students to come back inside. When everyone headed inside the classroom they all gasped, Mrs Cunningham said Who wrote that? No one replied; they had to stay back after school for a punishment, when the time was over, everyone left the school grounds, and headed home. Maisy needs to know where Hugo is so she can destroy him once and for all, she typed Hugo on a tracking website and found some information saying he’s located in New York, Florida the address is 18 Hallowell court; Maisy packed her things, and got on the plane. When Maisy arrived in New York; it was dark, she went straight to the hotel, checked into a room, then went to bed; to begin her journey in the morning. Finally the morning came, Maisy started her Adventure, and made her way to Holly’s House; Maisy knocked on the door; Hello! Karen says; Hi! I’m Maisy I wanted to ask do you Have a doll living here named Hugo; yeah my daughter Holly plays with Hugo a lot, your going to find this hard to believe, but! when I was young I was the owner of Hugo, and he’s Evil; What do you mean Evil? Hugo is a possessed doll that comes to life and does terrible things, if the person didn’t do it, it was Hugo; and he killed innocent people. Oh my god! Karen Replies; Maisy asked if Karen’s Daughter Holly was home, Maisy introduced herself to Holly; Both Maisy and Karen explained the news to Holly, they all went upstairs to her room, and it turned out that Hugo was not there. Karen, Maisy, and Holly must work together, to come up with a plan, to Eliminate Hugo out of their Lives; Where is he hiding? Will they Find him? Maisy has a vision of Hugo where he’s located, apparently he’s at Maisy’s old house where her Ex Parents are? Will Maisy run into them? its been over 7 years; Lets find out; Maisy, Karen, and Holly boarded on the plane to make their way to Maisy’s former Hometown, Murrayfield! it took them three days to get there; Will their plan work? Lets find out…………….














On a Shiny Afternoon Maisy, Karen, and Holly finally arrived in Murrayfield; they made their way to Maisy’s old House, and Maisy’s Former Family were not there. They went in the house and knew that Hugo will be in the Basement; Maisy, Karen, and Holly walked slowly down in the Basement; meanwhile when they were in their for 5 minutes Hugo suddenly Attacked Holly, then Karen and Maisy grabbed Hugo, and chucked him off her. Hugo was standing with a knife in his hand wanting to attack Maisy, Karen, and Holly; they finally came up with a plan, all three of them used a hose made out of fire, aimed it at Hugo, all three fire hoses spurted out at the same time, It burned Hugo, He ricochets out the window, while flying in the air, and the fire Destroyed him into bits and pieces; Karen and Holly Thanked Maisy for her help, and it was time to Say goodbye; Both Karen and Holly shakes her hand, and Salutes Her, Maisy Responds with a Salute Back to Karen, and Holly; Maisy returns back to Eastwood Academy, Karen, and Holly return back home; Holly says to Karen; Mum I’m never going to get a Doll Again; Karen Responded! its ok Love, Hugo is out of our lives for good; Everyone is Happy that now is Paradise, they’re all glad that the Evil has gone to hell, and never to come back Again; Hugo is now down in the ground, with the devil.

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