The Confusion Of Their Lives

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"Me" isn't always what you think it is.

Submitted: July 28, 2017

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Submitted: July 28, 2017



The confusion of their lives

Based on True story

Good day. It was. Fantastic I should say. Everything went right. No single thing that could ruin it. It was 7 o’clock at Friday morning. Waking up early and getting ready for school. Final day before weekend. Nothing could ruin the mood.

Arriving to school. Bit late but whatever, I am way too happy to think about it. Only 4 classes today. And 2 last ones are  joinery. The two first classes are math and biology. Not too bad. Today certainly will be my day – happy about everything.

Math went by quickly. I loved math. Easy tasks, easy subject, easy everything. Well I was the best of my class. It felt awesome.

Joe who were one year older than me talked to me on break after the math class. He asked if I wanted to join him and few other guys and going to his house today. I didn’t know Joe that well so I just said not this time. He was acting bit weird. Like he was onto something but I had no idea what. Before I left there he said there will be girls. I didn’t answer and went to next class.

Biology. One of the most boring and stupid school subjects ever. Well probably not. Only thing that made it boring was our teacher. She talked about the same thing for like 10 minutes. Or it felt like it. But when you look at clock it has only gotten 1 minute forward. It was the most boring class ever.

Then I heard Nora talking. My crush at that time. She said she will be going to Joe’s place after school. There will be bunch of guys she said. No, she didn’t talk to me. She was talking to her friend who sat next to her. I wished she was talking to me.

I started thinking that should I go to Joe’s place as well then. I mean Nora is there. Maybe I could hit on her and finally get her as my girlfriend. But then again Joe didn’t seem too nice of a guy. Smoking, drinking – all the not so cool stuff. I thought of going there just for Nora.

Sadly this isn’t a love story. If this were one, I wouldn’t even write it down probably. No. This is something way different. I decided to go on and talk with Joe after the biology class would end, it was still going. Long, long, long class…

Eventually the class did end. I went behind the school, since that was the place where people always were smoking. I personally didn’t smoke. I didn’t find it nice or cool or anything. I thought of it as horrible thing to do. I was there only for Joe.

Finally after like 5 minutes of waiting I saw Joe. With his friend. All those “badass” guys. At least that’s what they thought of themselves. There was this new guy as well. whatever his name was, I couldn’t remember. He wasn’t one of them. He was school nerd. Always talking about computers, coding, games, how he got rare item on this one game and all that stuff. Sometimes he talked about cool stuff and sometimes those were just not my thing. But question remains what was he doing with them. With Joe and his friends.

I walked towards then when I noticed they surrounded the nerdy guy. I stopped walking. I was close enough to hear what they were saying. One of Joe’s friends said to him to smoke this while holding something on his hand. It wasn’t cigarette. I am quite sure about that. Could it have been weed? Possibly. I didn’t know. The nerd said no to him and then other one of Joe’s friends kicked him in the back of his leg. He fell down.

Joe noticed me and said “come enjoy the show!”. Well I went closer. I was afraid. They were strong and could beat me up easily if I did something they didn’t want me to. The first friend of Joe still was telling the nerd to smoke it. He still didn’t. At this point he told 2 other guys to hold onto him tightly. So they did. Joe’s friend removed his hoodie. And then lit a cigarette and pushed it to the nerd’s left arm burning it a bit. He started screaming from pain. But this wasn’t all. They lit up more of them and forced him to open his mouth and burned his tongue with them and they also forced him to eat the cigarettes. He was in horrible pain. He started vomiting. He started panicking and doing weird moves, like he had some sort of seizure. I finally told them to stop.

They did. They actually stopped torturing that poor guy when I asked them to. Joe turned towards to me and asked if I was coming to his place after school. I didn’t want to anymore. But still I said that I would. Just for Nora.

The last two classes went past quite quickly. I was thinking about how cruel the guys were to the nerd. Anyways I finished my project and all was good for me again. I would meet Nora and possibly talk with her. I would so love to get to know her better.

School was over now. Finally weekend. Still bit horrified about what happened today. It was quite bad thing to see. And I believe that the nerd felt much worse than me. My empathy wasn’t as strong as his true feelings.

Joe himself skipped last class. He usually does that, almost everyday. He was waiting for me and some other guys to get from their class. I was first there with Joe. He said it’s going to take few more minutes until the other’s get here. We waited for them. I didn’t want to talk to him. But I opened my mouth and asked “What did you guys try to make him smoke?”. He said nothing and lit up his second cigarette. He asked if I smoke. Simply replying I just said no. We didn’t talk much. It was kind of awkward. Both standing there, nothing to say.

Nora came there next. She smiled at me. It warmed my heart. I smiled back and asked if she is going to Joe’s place as well. She said that she is. Well I knew this already but I tried to start talking with her.

Next Joe’s friends came there as well. And so we left towards Joe’s place all together. Me, Nora, Joe, his friends and other girl who seemed to be Joe’s girlfriend or something. We got to his place with cars. We were underaged, all of us. Joe had stolen a car. No idea how or from where. He just had it and it seemed like stolen. Joe drove and his girlfriend was on the seat next to him. Me and Noora were on the back. Because we didn’t have much space Nora had to sit on my lap. I was enjoying it. Joe’s friends were sitting next to me and the other side of the car. One more friend was coming there with moped.

At his place he offered us some strong alcoholic drinks. I didn’t take it. I said I am not that much into drinking. So he said he will have twice as much then and laughed a bit. I went to sit next to Nora. I asked her how she is doing. She said she was doing pretty okay. She asked lots of more people to join there. And well they did, but later on. At this point I felt like I didn’t belong there. Others were drinking and smoking, there were some random smell around. Only me and Nora were clean at that point.

Joe’s parents weren’t at home. They were gone for whole weekend. Well that’s the reason Joe asked people there. To party. Some time later more people came in. More and more. People who I didn’t know, some people from our school. Then there was Dan.

Dan was the person who I never wanted to come across ever again. I mean he was bully. Like Joe and his friends. But Dan was extreme bully. He did something bad to me only once. It was strangling me in front of everyone, my class mates, teacher, everyone. Everyone else laughed when I couldn’t breathe and teacher was just watching for too long time until telling him to stop. I was lucky. Dan and Joe are more into torture type of bullying than normal school bullying.

I had bad feeling of all this. Dan, Joe and their other friends plus alcohol. Can’t be good thing. I am quite sure I saw them dealing some drugs as well. I don’t know much of drugs but I am sure those would lead into major problems.

I was going to leave. Until I heard a noise. Like someone was being beaten up. Scream of pain. Maybe it was something worse than just beating. It was girls scream. I hurried to check. They were torturing her. Pulling her hair, hitting her, they tied her up and tried to even rape her. I stepped in between so they couldn’t have done that. They didn’t like it and I ended up being the one who got beaten up. The girl got away, which was good. I rather suffered myself than let someone have extreme traumas from these guys. They hit me multiple times. It was worst physical pain I have ever felt. Kicking my chest, hitting my face, throwing me down and kicking on my balls. They did that so much that I couldn’t move. I felt like I was going to die now. Before they left me they hit me once more. This time with a wooden bat or something. It wasn’t baseball bat but something similar. I couldn’t see since my eyes were so blurry from all the face hits they gave me. It hurted like hell.

I was there for long time, I think. Woke up Saturday morning, still feeling all the pain. No idea what had happened after I fainted from the pain, beating caused me. I saw Joe looking at me. He said there were police. Who took 2 grownups away from here. They weren’t even invited he told me. Just lurking around and tried to cause some problems.

Joe was surprisingly nice towards me. I have no idea why. They usually bully every single person who they don’t like. I guess there’s something in me then. Joe went walking somewhere. No idea where. The car was gone, no idea what happened to that either.

That was my story of how I went to Joe’s place and got beaten up. Sadly this wasn’t how it went in real life. At the beginning I said this was based on true story, which is true, but what really happened weren’t that simple…

It is worse than you think. It wasn’t just simple police got them and hurray everything is great. No. There were no police. In fact there weren’t even those two guys. That girl. Who almost got raped. Didn’t survive. She was killed. Not by the 2 guys. By Joe. Who was she? She was Nora.

In memory of dead thoughts. Suicide isn’t the answer. Stay strong. Ask for help. Call 911 when you need to. Stay alive. Stay safe. Don’t go on with people who bully you. Move away from them. Report them. To anyone…

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