Cormac the Undying

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Submitted: July 28, 2017



Cormac was so beyond drunk he had reached a level intoxication that had no name.  He had worked hard to reach this level and it had taken more time then he wanted to think about.  The things he had drunk to get here, the weirdest was probably a bottle of the excretions from an amphibian that caused hallucinations.  Most could only handle a drop or two, he had drunk the whole bottle.  He drank to forget the woman he had loved, who had loved him until her dying day.

The Waystation had become his home as he spent millennium after millennium drinking.  He was one of the few things that you were almost sure to see if you came into The Waystation.  The staff and furnishings changed, the layout even changed, but Cormac was usually there drinking.  He was a legend in the multi-verse but to look at him and you wouldn’t be impressed.  He looked like a drunk, his red hair in need of a brushing, a week or more stubble on his chin and clothes stained with alcohol and food.  A person would have to be crazy or desperate to hire him, but most of those that came to him with jobs were neither because sober or drunk Cormac was the best weapons master, assassin and thief in the multi-verse.

It was said that his prices were steep, but he was worth any price because he never failed to do what he agreed to do.  More important than the money though the job had to challenge him.  Stealing from a bank child’s play to him, stealing the bank was a challenge or had been until he pulled it off.  He was waiting for something to really challenge him and had been at his table for almost 10 years when the man in the royal blue cape came in.

The man himself was average, so average that he wasn’t average.  He was too average and that was what made him actually stick out, but for Cormac it was the royal blue cape.  Cormac wasn’t into capes or could really care less what color a cape was, but for him things were simple.  When somebody else saw sky blue or sapphire blue or even royal blue he saw blue, but when he looked at this man he saw a royal blue cape.  Maybe he was going insane again, he had been insane several times throughout the many millennium he had spent here, but the fact that his pickled brain told him the cape was royal blue and not just blue was weird.

He saw the man when he was speaking with the bartender and Cormac had no clue who he was only that the cape had no right being royal blue.  He was determined to tell it so if the man came close enough so he was pleasantly surprised when the bartender pointed to him.  He was the only person in this part of the bar so the man must be looking for him, but it was the cape Cormac wanted to speak with.

As the man approached weird things began to happen and Cormac wasn’t sure if it was because he was insane and just didn’t know it or because he was really intoxicated.  First the man grew a second head.  Right there on his shoulders, but it kept getting bigger and bigger until it popped.  Then the man dissolved into a puddle of ooze that formed three of him.  The step after the three men in royal blue capes were full formed they melded together into one person.  Cormac was not the kind of person to flip out easily, but first that cape insists on being royal blue and now this.

“H…”, the man started, but Cormac wanted words with the cape.

“Why are you royal blue, that isn’t a color blue is blue is blue and all that other crap means nothing.  Was there a meeting and nobody told me?  I demand to know!  …  What do you mean you are red?  You are clearly blue,” Cormac tapped his head as he spoke, “my hair is red and you are not that color.  …  What do you mean my hair is blue, it is red has always been red and always will be red. … You are just trying to confuse me I know my colors. …  Yes I’m sure.  …  No I’m not going to prove it to you, you are the one breaking the rules.  …  You know what rules blue is blue not royal or sky or anything else!”

The man at this point backed away with a look of fear on his face.


Cormac continue to drink brooding over the fact that the cape had said his hair was blue.  He looked up and noticed The Waystation was packed with bounty hunters.  He forgot about the cape as he tried to remember if he had any outstanding bounties.  He had just about decided that he didn’t when he saw that kid that hung around The Waystation.  “Kara come here.”

She came over slowly a little nervous.  “I’m not pulling your finger again.”

“What no, that kind of gas takes weeks to build up.  My hair what color is it?”

“What?  I’m not playing some game with you Cormac.  Your jokes are stupid and disgusting.”

“I just need to know is my hair blue?  I was told it was blue, but I don’t think it is, but I may be going insane so could you …”  He watched her walk way shaking her head.



Cissin took off his royal blue cape and hung it over a chair before he went into the meeting with his employers.  The six figures were in their seats already as he entered so he took his seat.  I would have love to know who they were, but as long as they paid him well he wasn’t going to risk it asking too many questions.  The voice was always the same, machine generated.  “How did it go?”

“He is a drunk and completely insane.”

“That does not answer the question.”

“The man is deranged; how can we trust this to a lunatic?  He was having an argument with my cape about it being royal blue and it sounded like he was losing.”

“We are not concerned with his mental state.  Either you recruit him or we will replace you with somebody who can.  You have 24 hours to recruit him or we will replace you.”


Cissin returned to The Waystation, he had left his cape at home and dressed in simple black hoping this would not cause Cormac to go off again.  He approached the table and the man seemed to be passed on it.  With a sigh, he sat and down and waited.



Cormac raised his head and reached for a bottle.  He pulled the cork with his teeth and was about to spit it across the table when he saw the man sitting there.He spits it over the man’s left shoulder.  “You are a living person, aren’t you?”

“Yes, very much alive.”

“Good.  I have enough ghosts of my own without collecting strays.  Did I pass out while we were talking?”

“No, you were passed out when I arrived and I decided to wait.”

“You want a drink?”

“No thank you.  I’m here on business and I never drink on the job.”

“I do.  I mean I drink on the job, well usually.  I also want a drink.”  He drank from the bottle.  “So what do you need Mr. …?

“I’m Cissin and my employers wish me to recruit you.”

“Recruit me, like into an army, cause I’ll have you know I’m a leader not a follower.  Well I do follow at times, but I prefer to lead.  Too be honest if the money is good I’ll be the latrine digger, that would be a waste of my talents, but hey money is money.”

“We are looking more at your skills as a thief.”

“I work alone then.  Well maybe with a small group.  Three or four people as long as they know I’m in charge.”

“My employers would prefer you to work alone or recruit any help you need yourself.  You will be the only person that knows you are acquiring the items for somebody else.”

“Items as in how many items and what exactly are these items?”

Cissin looked around then leaned in.  “The pieces to the Elder Key.”

“The Elder Key really?  God damn that would be fun to try.  Of course, they are hidden and nobody knows where so how do I find them?  Take an ad out asking for any clues on their location or maybe I should just go ask the Elder Council?”

“We have the location of the first piece and once you hand it over we will be able to give you the location to the next piece.”

Cormac took a big drink and smiled.  “I think I’ll take this job.  Say six million standard credits for each piece.”

“Done upon delivery.”

They shook hands and Cissin gave him the world on which the first piece was to be found.


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