Railroad Crossing Fun at 4:00 Am

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a short mini story with the beautiful and fun energetic voice of Ryan's girlfriend Susan as one of Pittsburgh's finest carnival of Railroad Crossings and that one is at the location of 6th and Blissful Avenues,, enjoy!!

Submitted: July 28, 2017

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Submitted: July 28, 2017



Railroad Crossing Fun at 4:00 Am

By 2012Fireman


(Susan's Voice Of The Pittsburgh Railroad Crossing with 3 tracks at the corner of 6th and Blissful Avenues): "Whoo hoo!"


"Hi, i'm that cheerful and beautiful railroad crossing with three tracks next to me at the corner of 6th and Blissful Avenues in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and i come alive in the daytime and i shine at nighttime too, Yes!"


"Now, don't be afraid of me, i'm your friend you're true friend, Yes! and i know it's 4:00 Am but i still shine at night too with the crossing signs, the four Red lights and warning bells two of them at the top and the last two on the bottom and as well as the two elevated train lines and three beautiful tracks too!!"


"I Love It!"


"I'm everywhere all of the streets and avenues of all Raidroad Crossings of Pittsburgh, Whoo!"


"And did you know that this street is two way?!"


(Susan's Voice giggling)


(An approaching two door light blue Chevy Camaro crossed her Railroad Tracks with three tracks crossing on by)


(Three Loud Thumps on the train tracks!!!!)


"Wow! look at the sportcar with only one person a man driver of that Camaro car go by when it crossed my tracks!"


(Just then the train horns blowing from a distance as it starts to come on by to roll into 6th and Blissful Avenues!!!!)


"Oh, No! sorry friend, i have to go now, the train is coming! but i will chat and have fun with you again real soon, Ok?"


"Beautiful! so see you soon, ok? YES! WHOO!"


(Susan's Voice laughing hard and very happily too!!!!)


(Train horn Whistles as the red lights flashing and bell clanging with both train lines coming on down only for all vehicles to stop for awhile untill the train passes on by!!!!)


The End!




© Copyright 2017 2012Fireman. All rights reserved.

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