Now and then

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Submitted: July 28, 2017

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Submitted: July 28, 2017



Don't see the problem with hanging out with older men,

Gotta keep reminding myself that this is now and that was then,

I'm kinda fucked up can't even pretend,

What's normal is hard to comprehend,

Even though I'm out of that dead end,

How my life was,

Sometimes I feel like the old me pause,

Got so used to her it's hard to figure out who I am now because,

Everyday I try to free my soul,

Things have sunk in and it's taking it toll,

Tough to crawl out of such a dark hole,

Where's my damage control,

When I'm coping with a life that has been so out of control,

How do you move on,

Because I'm just becoming more withdrawn.

Even a new relationship is hard when your so used to getting walked on,

Even though the worst is gone,

These things are hard to move on from,

Somedays I feel like things are getting difficult to overcome,

And I feel so lost, but I'm trying to stay calm,

Trying to change who I was before,

Has proven to be harder then I called for,

Come to realize I can't change who I am it's just me,

So I just hide it were others can't see 

Fake it until I become the person I'm trying to be,

Wondering how I felt happier then,

Cause now it haunts me over and over again,

Guess I didn't think about it but now its setting in,

It's a constant kick in the shin,

Everyday my minds mixed up,

Cause my life's fucked up,

Hate that I feel so grown up,

 Can't stop the memories,

Can't change what's history.






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