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Submitted: July 29, 2017

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Submitted: July 29, 2017



This fiction is about a man who undergoes various kind of platforms and 
reach dimension in which the reality world cannot able to view or 
experience. He had his own love life what are all went under has been 
discussed. The limbo is a sequence which is inspired from INCEPTION 
but it sure had a different plot to outcome the source of limbo.


It was about noon time, suddenly a stretcher has been pulled out which 
had an Youngman fainted in it. Lady accompanied him just crying to 
have him back. Immediately after reaching certain floors he was entered 
into emergency ward so the lady stopped right before the door. Her 
wiping eyes cleansed the glossiness of the door. When the doctors 
rushed to check him they just verified what had happened from the lady. 
But all they could get was untiring sadness, pain and choked from crying 
by the lady.


Other day somewhere in the city, the bright sunlight soothing a half 
naked guy’s face got woke up by the hangover and he does not know 
what he was doing out there in a grubby room full of clothes and 
unfinished foods. He felt like an emptiness in the brain where he could 
not remember anything from the past, he tried to relax and recollect but 
unfortunately the darkness and silence in his brain were the answers. 
When he see his wrist watch it reads “????” at first, he thought that it 
has been damaged so that it didn’t read the time properly.


Then from the other side of the wall a gritty voice heard angrily shouting 
“Neil, take this”. He suddenly had a thought that did the voiceover 
calling him. He moved close to the wall for the confirmation when he 
saw a fat badass looking guy shouting at him “take this, Neil” his fear 
keeps increasing so he rushed to the main door of the room and started 
to take stairs for exit. He noticed that he was in 13th floor and started his 
turn. But after completing several floors he noticed that he is still in 13th
floor. So he jump out but still able to manage on the ground by his foot. 
When he realized that he didn’t had any damage he stood shocked. His 
blood flow increased and does not know what is happening around him 
and how did he managed to do all this? Who is the fat guy? His anxiety 
increases with negative flow.


On the other hand at the hospital, One of the doctors told her to meet in 
the cabin for the detailed vision on his traumatic disorder. When she 
entered their cabin the chief doctors were asked her to be calm and also 
to stay strong. With some bizarre silence and a sad despondency face she 
lend her ears. One of the doctors calmly revealed that he suffered from 
brain tumor and traumatic cancer for the past few months which leads 
him to a critical stage in which he had now severe damages in the lobes 
present in his brain caused him to be in COMA stage. On hearing that 
uncontrollable tears choked out of breathe. The only good things the 
doctors told about him was that his parietal lobe was not damaged which 
has some chance of bring him normal but with very less possibilities. All 
she thought about the little hope to bring him back with a misty eyes.


Parallel view is an young guy struggling to know what is happening 
around him. Why did he come to that type of scenario? In the dark of 
winter night he managed to walk around the city. When he forcefully 
saw his wrist watch the time still reads as an unknown foul language 
“?????” To his surprise everything outside the city was abnormal. His 
anxiety kept increasing. Suddenly he saw a lone abundant building near 
a railway track which was seemed to be used ages ago. He enter the 
building, after he came to know that it was a hospital. He managed to 
buy some of the medicines to be healed for his wounds when he had a 
jump from 13th floor. When he came out of the hospital he noticed that it 
was mid of the day and the place was totally changed and hospital also 
disappeared. He become clueless and felt lost. Don’t even know what to 
do next. His place for relaxation and think about his past had also gone.


The doctors in the hospital explained to the young lady that due to his 
undamaged part in the parietal lobe so he could experience some sort of 
emotions which he might not express results in the change of some 
cardiac and blood flow. Also stated that he might have recover himself 
from this stage of so that he had a possibilities of having a life. With an 
undetermined facial expression he uttered the words “LIMBO”. Now 
the lady loses her faith that he could make a comeback. She just went to 
the verandah where she previously sitting and started to pray in a 
dejected manner and relive all the memories that she had with him.


When he found a place to relax himself to think, a lady whom he saw in 
the hospital had appeared again. he rushed to the lady and asked “you 
were the one who is in the hospital? Right?” he asked, “I am not a doctor 
neither a patient nor I didn’t went to any kind of hospital” she replied. 
He got screwed in the head and felt lost, When she rises her eyebrows 
towards him, he replied “I am not trying to hit on you but the things 
happening here are strange to me” and explained the strange things that 
he encountered. He barely cried, she just told him that everything is 
going to be okay. After that they just sit down in a place and relaxed. 
When she enquired about “what’s the time?” he just view his watch 
which reads as “?????”. He gasped and paused for a moment then 
replied “don’t know, my surveillance machine didn’t working properly”. 
He replied sarcastically. When he enquired about her, She just had a 
smile and replied “I belong here”. But she promised him that she’ll help 
him out to go out of this lunatic maze.


At the hospitals, young lady to believe that he will be having a nice 
chanter on the parallel universe where he would get nice sleep, food and 
sleep. She also wonders whether if she would appeared in his dreams 
that she would convey he is in pathetic kind of state and would bring 
him back to the reality. She utters some words and started crying.


The other thing which appeared as a blurred vision in his head was a 
lady in a bridal getup. He related his thoughts that she might have some 
relationship, but he could not recollect anything. To his surprise the 
night had some worth memory with the lady and not of having a bad 
times. To extend his anxiety the nights were yellow clouds joining hands 
with blue moon makes him to smile a bit. When he turn around to see 
the lady she disappeared which does created any emotions on him and 
he just let himself to have a nice sleep. When he wake up he found 
himself in a boat which logging in the middle of the sea. He just sighs 
and didn’t expected this. He tried to clean his face using the water and 
just couldn’t able to understand how does the circumstances changing 
again and again. To know how many hours did he take nap he checked 
his watch but still didn’t able to figure it out what it is showing this time 
it shows “?????”. When he felt that his throat was dried he takes out a 
bottle to full the water at the moment he noticed that the place he used to 
sleep was very far away behind him and the hospital building located 
near a railway track also located at adjacent side but at a quite distance 
which does not framing a regular vision as how can be a railway track 
can be built on a sea? When he finished filling the water in bottle. He 
heard a major sound which makes him to turn around. His eyes were opened largely and fear were spread throughout his eyes as he noticed a 
monstrous wave which rises about 100 feet tall going to hit on his small 
boat floating above the sea. Without any time lagging the waves strikes 
the boat which propelled and throw him under the sea. But to his 
surprise he escaped from the ‘mini titanic episode’ made to shore to look 
back at the monstrous wave ruling in the middle of the sea. When he 
reached shore his confused state of mind becomes enlarging as he found 
a desert and sand domed mountains.


When he rise up and proceeded to the desert, he saw the lady whom he 
had met in previous occasion asked him “where did he go?”. He didn’t 
replied and told her that he had a blurred vision last night and went for 
some water rides in the middle of the sea. When they were talking the 
lady interrupts his speech and told him that he should be aware of his 
surrounding as anything there could affect him as she said “they were 
nothing but his own creations”. He then gasped a moment and lookback at her


the young lady at the hospital found some changes in the cardiac 
movements of her man, so she rushed to the doctor and reported. When 
another set of doctors had a visit and asked about the patient name she 
just turned her head towards the guy b.) on the other hand in the desert 
when the lady enquired his name both the guy and the lady in the 
hospital replied with a saddened tone “the name is STEVE. (yes the guy 
in abnormal conditions and the one who admitted in the hospital are the 
same persons while both the incidents are happening at the same time).


She asked “how did you come here, just relax and think” but he replied 
from the instance that he wake up from the room and the happenings.. 
When both of them walked through the desert he saw an autumn tree 
which looks like familiar to him, on moving closer to that tree he saw a 
girl who writes and threw away a sheet of papers which reads “lets start 
our life together come soon Steve, with love LISA”.(the girl who 
accompanied him on hospital).


On reading the letter he came to know about Lisa and the incident under 
the autumn tree which actually does not happened really as he crumbled 
on the same day and at the same point where he then stands. The things 
happened here abnormally due to his COMA condition (where his left 
side of the brain only be used where logical reasoning is very less, as 
humans using right side of the brain for fundamental reasoning)
When he started to recollects all the incidents which happened before he 
felt unconsciously and he finally capitalized that he was in a deep state 
of dream, where he should not trap so when he tries to escape his dream 
world started to disappear and the objects were dissolving within, the 
desert were flew away with sands, the large sea started to drain off like 
basin where high tidal waves has been forming, parallel side he shook 
his body parts in the bed as the chief doctor reportedly saying that his 
limbo state has been severed so that he has to concentrate on his reality 
world to make a comeback. While he tries to escape from the mega trap 
formed by none but himself he started to run when suddenly trapped he 
lost himself in the dream, but somehow had managed to wake his eyes 
with exhausted and shock. He found Lisa at the side holding his hands.


After few days when things become normal he liberated from the 
hospital, he explained the incidents that he encounters in his dream state, 
when few days gone, he off to his work from his home taken his identity 
card which shows that he was a professor of HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY 
ANATOMY in which he used to take some blood stimulating pills for 
his research which caused him tumor in the initial days. When he is on 
his way to the university, the outpost guard saluted and had a pleasant 
smile at him, which is none other than the fat guy who chased him from 
13th floor building, he shouted a student who drops a book and run away 
“take this, Neil”. With a abnormal face when he proceeded to the class 
he encountered the lady whom he saw in the island is actually a student 
in the university named “REETI”. Without his conscious he started to 
shivering and then relaxed to take the class. When he is half done on a 
topic the bell suddenly rings everybody blinks and then went out of the 
class. With a disturbed mindset when he begin to check the time it still indicates “?????”. His eyes were widely opened, adrenaline pumps 
faster as he come to know the reality.


What happened after the shattered sequence of dream are not real but 
also not a dream which is happened in a virtual world not at the reality. 
In reality when he suffered a serious attack about the instance that his 
dreams are going to shatter he never came back to reality and got stuck 
into his own dream. But the sequence which he went to university are 
actually happened in his limbo state of mind. So when it marks the 
quarter over 2 next day, everyone accompanied her to the graveyard for 
“Prof.Steve” funeral which takes place under the autumn tree. Where an 
autumn leaf fall over her


What is Limbo? 
Limbo is a state of mind a character experiences, or a final dream space a character visits, if they die in a dream while under heavy sedation, for  exampleduring the final mission. Characters in limbo find it difficult to  distinguishreality from a dream, they become "lost" in the dream and  withoutac knowledging the unreality of their situation, they wake up in a  vegetativestate. 

Limbo is "pure subconscious" and "unconstructed dream space", shared by any character that falls into it. The only objects present in Limbo are 
those residual objects left by characters that have been to Limbo before, and are now sharing the dream with you. You may not be seeing things the way they really are or you may have lost your sense of direction in life

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