Silent Goodbye

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Submitted: July 29, 2017

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Submitted: July 29, 2017



In life you always wondered who is truly there for you 

Who is willing to have your back and help you 

Life is a puzzle you have to figure out where each piece goes

No matter how hard life gets you have to fight through it 

But what happens when you lose the fight to survive

To figure out how life should be like if you have won

But no matter how hard it gets you have to get back up

And fight for what you believe even if you're alone 


But no matter what never give up on your dream fight for it

Maybe you're afraid to be alone but darling everyone is alone

But never be afraid to ask for help but be careful of who trust

Even the devil was once an angel  from heaven

Just remember darling even with me gone I'll always be with you

No matter how much it hurts you it'll hurt me more when I see you in pain

Wishing that I could be there and hold you but life is not on our side

No matter what always believe that there is a way to win


This is only the beginning of this war created by no one but yourself

 Darling even with me gone just remember that there is someone out there for you

Don't hold back from loving someone else just never forget about me

Don't worry about what you are going to do the next day

Don't try to plan out your future when you should be enjoying the present

Don't look back at the past leave it there focus on the present

You shouldn't be worry about how you act just be yourself


Never worry about not finding someone to love cause darling

In time you'll have someone in your arms as you stare at them with so much love

By then you will have forgotten about me but it's fine darling 

Even when you have forgotten me I'll  always remember you 

You are forever imprinted in my mind  and have a place in my heart

During the many nights you needed me I wasn't there for you 

Oh how I wish we could have met before I left this world


Maybe then I wouldn't be roaming around in this world until your time has come

Maybe by then you have forgotten about me and I'm only a fragment of the past

It's fine as long as you are happy even if it's not with me darling

My time has come to an end and that is how the story ends as well

No happy ending no happily ever after

All it has is "The End"  to my story

No one will remember my story 

So this story reaches its end with a silent 


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