I Will Watch You Drown

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Submitted: July 29, 2017

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Submitted: July 29, 2017



Stare into my eyes 


Into the eyes of a pained and damaged soul


And tell me that I am not worth anything 


Tell me all the things you say behind my back


I fucking dare you


Give me a reason to unleash my rage 


Give me a reason to break your jaw 


You've been tempting the wrong person 


While others will cry and hide


I will not 


I will stand tall


I will not succumb to your sly attacks 


You can try to put me down 


But my will is as strong as titanium 


And it will not bend for you 


I am worthy of the things you say I am not 


It is you who is not worthy 


The one who gives others pain for your own selfish pleasure 


Because you have no happiness in your own life and must steal like a rodent to survive 


You cannot hide the blatant truth 


You are drowning slowly 


And you are reaching and gasping for air


And I will look into the dark water 


And watch you drown


With a smile on my face 

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