Given Up

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Submitted: July 29, 2017

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Submitted: July 29, 2017



Sitting alone on the floor of my room

Lights off as I think of ending everything

Hands over my mouth to not make any noise

Tears falling down like a river

Yet all I could think about is ending my life

What's the point in living when I'm already dead inside

Body shaking as I cry trying to not make any noise


Standing up wiping my tears as I went to the bathroom 

Finding anything sharp enough to kill myself

My blade once my enemy now my friend

As I ready myself to end everything

Everything coming to an end 

Many chance I missed all from being afraid 

My courage to kill myself found 


The once happy girl finally drops her smile

As the fake smile is drop so have her tears

All you could hear from the once happy girl was sobs

All she whispered to herself was I give up the pains too much

The once happy girl wrote letters to everyone she loved

Hoping they would forgive her for ending her life

The once happy girl smiled on last time


Everything she did no longer made her happy

Anything she did only to please others

Faking that smile faking that laugh

Yet the once happy girl only thought of killing herself

Once the girl was alone she finally let her tears fall 

The girl who encourages others to not give up yet she is giving up

The girl who is always there for others yet no one was there for her


Now here she is sitting alone in her dark room 

As tears fall she finds the courage to end her life

The girl was broken yet no one notice how broken she was

Now here she lays in tub filled with water blade in hand

Each cut she made goes deeper and deeper

As she repeats the cuts on her body

Now she lays and watch the once clear water turn red


Morning comes yet no one notice her disappearance 

Evening comes as her parents found her pale and no longer breathing 

All anyone can hear is the painful cry of her parents

Her mother crying wishing it was all a nightmare

Her father crying the pain of losing his baby girl

All her siblings comes to find it they no longer have a sister

Hurt and pained as they cried wishing their sister was still with them


Days of crying as her parents made arrangement for her funeral 

No parents every want to go through the pain of losing their child to suicide 

Yet no one knew why the once happy girl would commit suicide 

No one knew of her depression the struggle of faking 

Everyone believed all her lies she tells them

Finally searching in her room the parents found the letters

As the parents cried reading the last piece of their daughter 


As everyone read the letter all that was heard was sobs

No longer here did everyone feel the guilt of never noticing the struggle

Everyone thought they knew the girl enough yet they knew nothing of her struggle

Now everyone lived with the guilt of not noticing her struggle with depression

For all they saw was the happy girl who helped everyone 

As the time came closer to the funeral all those solemn faces were seen

As everyone stand to talk about the once happy girl 


The sky darkens as storm clouds appear thunders were heard

As it began to rain they knew the girl was crying with them 

The girl will no longer be there to help yet they knew she'll forever be in heir heart

As the funeral continues on a gust of wind blows past everyone 

As if the girl came to whisper to everyone to move on no matter how painful it is

To look up at the star filled sky and say their last goodbye

Don't hold on to her to set her free from the pain  


She'll no longer live to see her future 

Yet she was happy for once free from the pain

No matter how painful it was to leave her family she was finally happy

The once happy girl was back to happy self once again

As she spread her wings and flew away in pure bliss

She'll once again meet everyone when their time comes

Happily accept them with open arms for she forgave everyone

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