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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Love Stories

This is a story about an Indiana native who just happens to be a country singer and him and I end up falling in love.

Table of Contents

Meeting Dylan

One evening, I was checking my e-mail and I got an e-mail from a country singer from Indiana. So I decided to open it up and read it. The... Read Chapter

Dylan Picks Me Up

So just about 2 hours after I received the e-mail, I heard the doorbell ring and so I looked out the window and saw Dylan looking in the ... Read Chapter

The Date

Once Dylan and I arrived at the restaurant, he parked his truck, got out and walked over to my side, opened my door and helped me out of ... Read Chapter

Our Date Continues

While Dylan and I were still at the restaurant, he stood up from our table and there was a stage close to where our table was so he decid... Read Chapter

Dylan Surprises Me

So one morning Dylan decided to pick me up and take me to his favorite hang out. When we arrived, he got caught up with some of his buds.... Read Chapter

Wedding Planning

So one day while Dylan was home from touring, we sat down and started discussing on our wedding plans. I looked at him and asked, "Where ... Read Chapter

My Amazing Wedding Day


We're Expecting Our First Child

-5 YEARS LATER- Dylan and I have been married for 5 years now and one morning I woke up in excruciating pain and then I started to mo... Read Chapter

Spending Time With Our Baby

-5 WEEKS LATER- My husband and I have been home from the hospital with Caitlin, our new baby of 5 weeks now. So one morning, Dylan wo... Read Chapter

Dylan Runs Into An Old Love

-Friday evening- My husband Dylan was singing at a concert and he was about to sing a love song to me. But before he broke into song,... Read Chapter

Dylan Performs A Concert

-Saturday Night- My husband, Dylan had a concert and so he decided to invite the kids and I to it. So once we arrived at the concert,... Read Chapter

We Hire A Babysitter

-FRIDAY NIGHT Dylan and I were in our kitchen and he told me, "Honey, I think we should go out on a date, just you and I, what do you... Read Chapter

Our Son Falls For His Babysitter

So the night Cailynn was babysitting our chlldren, our son (who was named his father) said to Cailynn, "My daddy showed me a picture of y... Read Chapter

Dylan And I Celebrate Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

-1 YEAR LATER- Dylan and I decided to go out to celebrate our FIRST YEAR together as a married couple. So he decided to put on a song... Read Chapter

Dylan And I Film A Music Video

So one day Dylan told me, "Honey, I would love to film a music video and the song that we were filming a music video for was called, "You... Read Chapter

We Are Invited To A Wedding

One evening Dylan and I got a call about a wedding that was going be in North Carolina and so I took the call and here is the conversatio... Read Chapter

The Wedding Of Scotty And Gabi

-Saturday Evening- Dylan and I arrived at the airport amd Scotty and his fiancee, Gabi met us there and so we walked over to them and... Read Chapter

Scotty And Gabi Becomes 1st-Time Parents

-Saturday Evening- Gabi and her new husband, Scottry were at home and she started groaning because she was in pain. So she called Sco... Read Chapter

We Adopt A Puppy

One evenig I was home with my children and my husband, Dylan called us on the phone. Here is our conversation: Dylan: Honey, I want a... Read Chapter

Bringing Home Baby McCreery

-6 MONTHS LATER- American Idol winner and country singer, Scotty McCreery and his new wife were at the hospital and Gabi was rea... Read Chapter

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