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A girl with questions left alone in the dark world.

Submitted: July 29, 2017

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Submitted: July 29, 2017



What does it feel like to stay alone? What does it feel like having no one around? What does it feel like knowing now you have to survive alone? She knew. She had answers to all of these questions. She was one of the ruble, found within the broken building in Sweida, Syria. The building was a masterpiece which took almost 7 years to build now gave the image of crumbled bread. Aysel, a 17 years old girl who had no concern towards the world except her family was lying motionless in those crumbles. She could hear the laughter of her younger brother, who was messing with her just few moments ago. How a single moment can change your life.

She had life in her, she could breathe but she didn’t want to be saved. So, she rested there lifeless or hoping to be lifeless when a rescuer pulled her out and took her to the nearest life savers camp. She kept her eyes closed, so she couldn’t see a world without the biggest blessing anyone could ask for. It was like a film playing again and again in her mind. The reel had broken so it stuck at a certain point and then again from the top till the second where her life fell apart. They had to celebrate 21st anniversary of her parents this weekend. It was all planned. “Why? Why?” the only question circulating inside her brain. “Why us? Why me?”

She sat their stationary. She was lost in the big clock tick toking just beside her. The nurse kept on asking “what is your name?” “who are you?”. But she never answered. She just wanted to wait there and perish just like her whole family did in split seconds. The nurse gave her water but the water ran down her lips without touching her throat. She was moved to a safer basement made within the nearest school. “That’s where he studied!” suddenly she exclaimed. The nurse asked who? She replied, “my only brother, now I am alone. I have nobody”. A schoolmistress recognized her and held her hand while giving all the details about her to the nurse.

The next day was the last day of curfew. Both the countries agreed on a ceasefire and stopped the war in Sweida. This news ran all over Sweida as a breath of relief, Aysel moved into her uncle’s house. She had cousins to comfort but her days were slow and pale. All she did was stay in bed wait for her call. People came and visited her now and then, but such condolences were never healing. They just used to remind another beautiful memory that scratched her wound to the point where all the effort became 0.

Life was not getting better any day all she asked Allah was that why she had to be left alone, last day of war had to take down her lifelines, her happiness. Those cries all night left no space for the pillow to absorb those tears, the soundless cries made her empty and static. The pain felt like it was never going away. The upcoming life had left no charm for her. She just counted days, days left for her. Laying there without making a move, asking for answers that she might never get.


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