Dog Years Within the Curse of 7. Seven Plays

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Seven Plays. "Off With the Head", an absurdist styled comedy about what is quite likely the absolute worst king in history, In “Dung”, a full length play, Roger and Pith are supposed to go out but they can’t because someone is outside the door. Eventually the someone leaves and Pith says now they should go out. Roger says if they do, and make just one wrong step it will land them in a someplace worse. They do go out. Do they make that one wrong step? The play is called “Dung” you do realize. In “Suicide Fanatics” a somewhat dysfunctional family is attempting to do the first thing they ever have together as a family. They are all trying to kill themselves at the same time. Said somewhat didn’t I? Things, well, they don’t go exactly as planned. In “The Amnesiac” the parents are suffering due to the plight of their son because he can’t remember anything and so they go to The Doctor to try and cure their angst. In “The Unwelcome Visitors”, a play that is in many ways about memory and family, or a complete lack thereof, things are either not what they seem, are what they seem though they really don’t seem that way, something else entirely or none of the above. In “Memories of Tomorrow” Roger is trying to do something truly important, something that has meaning, something that matters, he is trying to count a very large pile of potatoes on the floor beside him. In “Just One of Those Days”, a full length play, Burton is having just one of those days. Thing is, just one of those days never actually lasts just a single day. This one, goes on a bit longer. And he spends the entire time tied to a chair. What is existence when tied to a chair? What is there you can do? Might there though be…something?

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The entire play "Off With the Head"

Submitted: July 29, 2017

Dog Years Within the Curse of 7. Seven Plays   By   Xavier Cockroachal Damon   visit my websit... Read Chapter

Scene 1 of "Dung"

Submitted: July 29, 2017

Dung By Xavier Cockroachal Damon   ACT 1/SCENE 1   SETTING: (A house. The stage is completely empty exc... Read Chapter