Come to The Shore

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Submitted: July 29, 2017

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Submitted: July 29, 2017



Beware the Queen of the Ocean!


Come to the shore ye who hear

witness the golden sand and

the calm and soothing gushes of blue elixir

when you reach there ye who hear

sit near the rugged rock

Be very still and slowly

lay your feet in the water

A rush you will feel

As daunting it can be

But do not worry ye who hear

cause she will take you

to the most picturesque scene possible

Don’t inquire her ye who hear

she is the queen and you are her mere servant

colours you’ve never seen

can be seen beneath the misery on land

Living creatures of all kind ye who see

As magnificent as it can be

Don’t dare to close your eyes

it will all be gone if you dare so

But ye who see

the most mythical and mystical creature

is itself standing next to you

scales cover her body

golden and green they are

she wears a crown of rubies and sapphires

no flaws she holds

Since you be a simple human

you need to breathe and return to your own fishes

She will take you up

you gasp for air

Ye who’d seen the underwater

ask her name

for you see

I warned you not to question

but your curious mind nevertheless did so

She leans in to whisper to ye

you let her, you foolish man

She swallowed you in a blink of the eye

Careful ye have to be

for she doesn’t like inquisitive human beings

I won’t bid you goodbye

cause now you will meet me

Alas! I have a friend

together we will warn the next ye who hear

  • - Ellieya


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