The Edge

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: House of Ghosts
I wrote this from a rough time of my life. If you have any comments or errors you notice, please comment and let me know!

Submitted: July 29, 2017

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Submitted: July 29, 2017



The Edge


I'm standing on the edge.

My hands are out,

reaching wide...

But I bring them to my sides,

grasping handfuls of my dress,

trying to anchor myself  here in this moment.

The wind whips my hair violently,

threatening to push me off the edge.

into the open air,

Into the darkness and water below.

The air is chilling,

biting and gnawing at me...

My skin...

my lips...

my bones...

My soul.


My breath escapes me, 

in wispy clouds of warmth, 

battling for its existence in the frost.

I close my eyes, dragging in each strangling breath

just to remind myself that I'm alive.


I think about what I'm doing,

my mind numb,

my thoughts lost in the wind...


I have to be strong.


I remind myself those five words over and over.

For there are people depending on me.

And I must remember...

There is no life or air below the surface...


...But most importantly...

If I do this...

...If I do step off this cliff...

into the darkness and water below...


There is no way I am ever coming back up...




 I take a step away from the edge

and gain control of my thoughts.

I will not give in today.

For I will court insanity if it means I am not giving into the darkness.




© Copyright 2017 Ash Moriarty. All rights reserved.

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