Brick by Brick.

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Submitted: July 29, 2017

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Submitted: July 29, 2017



She swore that there would be no more, of searching for a home, in someone else's body. That this time, she'd build brick upon brick, all by herself, until a home came into view, that she could call hers. That no one else could take the credit for. And sure, that's a lovely oath to make, but she's the type of girl, who bathes in compliments, soaking until it's all she is. She is the women who needs to be reassured she is appreciated, worthy, because otherwise, she says, she'll fall apart. So be it. Break. Shatter, if it will only be by the touch of her hand, and her hand only. Fall. Flail. Grasp at anything, so she'll realise that it's all in her head. That she can still fall if someone is there, to whisper sweet things in her ear. It's poison. Because she's the type of girl who hasn't yet learnt that loving herself, is what matters the most. That the loneliness isn't so bad if she can gaze at her reflection and offer a small smile of sympathy in return. And that's not her fault. She's been hurt. But life is a journey, however long and agonising it may be, it will still offer her more. Soon. A chapter or two away is the happiness she yearns for. That feeling she seeks to find, and settles with something less, in the people that surround her. But if she just holds on, a minute or two longer, when everyone else makes their way back home, she'll see, a brick waiting to be picked up, to start a home of her very own.  

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