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Chapter 1 (v.1) - And So it Begins...

Submitted: July 29, 2017

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Submitted: July 29, 2017



It was lunchtime in the Facility. Alicia, a small red-head with endless freckles on her face, was waiting for her friends in the cafeteria. Like everything else in the Facility, the lunchroom, and all of its furniture, were a stark, blinding white. At the edge of her subconsciousness, Alicia could hear her name being called. She turned her head sharply in towards the sound.

"Hey, Alicia," a dark, curly haired boy waved to her as he made his way to her.

Alicia simply waved back to him until he got within comfortable earshot. "So, what's up, Justin?" she asked him. 

He just shrugged halfheartedly. "Nothing much." Justin took a moment to look around the room. "Where's the rest of the crew?"

"Let's see..." Alicia tilted her face towards the ceiling in thought. "Faeline is helping show a new kid around the Facility. And Zeke was flirting with another girl, last I checked." She turned back to Justin. "So it looks like it's just us for now."

"Alright," Justin responded with a smile. "Well," he gestured towards the assembly line, "shall we?" With smiles in both of their faces, Alicia and Justin got their food and picked a place to sit down.

As they were chatting about their day, a dark-haired boy plopped down at the table. The white clothes he, and everyone else, was wearing was in complete contrast to his dark skin tone. He had big, brown eyes that you could practically see mischief brewing in.

"Hey, Zeke," Justin said to him. "What happened this time?"

Zeke feigned innocence. When he realized it wasn't working, he finally gave in. "You know that new kid right?" Alicia and Justin nodded. "So... I might've picked on him a little bit."

Alicia groaned and rocked back in her chair. She closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Faeline didn't happen to be there... Was she?"

Zeke's eyes shot up to her in surprise. "Hey, how'd you know?"

She glared at him. "Faeline told me she felt an obligation to help that new kid. I just didn't realize it was because of you."

"Zeke, I thought you wanted Faeline to like you," Justin told him. Zeke shot Justin a death glare that Alicia couldn't quite read the meaning behind.

Justin's hands shot up defensively, "I'm just saying you should probably try to be nicer around her."

"I didn’t do anything to her.”

“Yes...” Justin responded hesitantly. “But, she saw you mistreat another person. You know she has the biggest heart in the world.”

Zeke slumped in his seat in defeat. “Fine, whatever,” he finally muttered. “I’m gonna get some food,” he told them, getting up and heading towards the line.

Alicia watched him go. Once he was out of earshot, she turned quickly towards Justin. “What was that about?” she asked.

“Nothin’.” He kept stabbing at his salad non committedly.

Just as she was about to try again, Faeline sat down at the table. “Sorry, guys,” she apologized. “Zeke was being a jerk again and I had to save a new kid.”

“Yeah, he told us,” Alicia told her.

Faeline took a moment to digest that. “Well, I’ll be right back. I’m starving.”

Not long after she was gone, Zeke came back with a full tray. “Well, that didn’t take her as long as I expected,” he commented. “She’s gonna kill me.”

“You’re right,” he heard from behind him, making him jump. Zeke turned slowly and saw the blonde girl towering over him with a salad in her hands.

“Well you’re faster than I thought in everything today, aren’t you?” he said in half a daze.

With her straight, pale blonde hair that reached slightly past her tiny waist, one might mistake her for an angel on earth. “Just so you know, the guy’s name is Timothy, and he forgives you.”

“Yup,” he said sarcastically, “ that clears my conscience.” They all laughed at that. Zeke never seemed to feel guilt.

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