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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Lost in Thought

Submitted: August 10, 2017

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Submitted: August 10, 2017



Justin lay in his bed that night, thinking about everything and nothing at the same time. Absentmindedly, he played with the white electronic band on his wrist. Everyone had one since they day they arrived, which was as far as any of them could recall. They were told the wristband was to keep track of their health and alert someone if anything was wrong. In his mess of thoughts, Justin wondered if the devices might do more than any of them could imagine.

No. It wasn’t possible. The Facility had no reason to lie to them. Sure, there were things the kids didn’t know- and were never told- for example where they came from, but the people at the Facility really cared for the kids. Shaking his head furiously, disgusted at his own thoughts, Justin sat up in his white bed and looked around the room.

Each kid in the Facility had their own room. Each room had the same things. No one’s room was different than another, and it was unheard of to personalize a room. And that’s how it was there.

Only the children seemed to diversify. Everything had a set way it was supposed to be. They only thing was, it wasn’t done in an uncomfortable way. In some ways, it made everything seem more secure. It’s like when you go to school. There’s always a set way things are supposed to go, like a schedule. And something about things having a “way it’s supposed to be” makes people feel secure.

This is why when the lights flickered off at 10:00, as it always did every night, Justin felt a sense of safety. Of what, he didn’t know. Maybe his thoughts and wonders. As if he could hide from them in the darkness enveloping him.


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