The tale of a seed

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It's a tale of a seed

Submitted: July 29, 2017

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Submitted: July 29, 2017



There was a seed once

Wanted to touch the cloud 

All he needed was a chance

To make himself feel proud


Carried by a bird away

Taken away from home

He fell in a way

Where there was no one to roam


Surrounded by the grape vine

He started to germinate

Singing in there rhyme

He forgot his fate


Considering himself a grape

He was reluctant to his growth

Falling in the life's trap

Forgetting all it's worth


Then one day he saw a tree

Going up high in the sky

Making his mind set free

Realizing his mistake, he was about to cry


Making himself determined 

He started once again

Making strong his heart and mind

He faced the heavy rain


Then a time came

When he looked all around

Below him all the things were same

But he was soo high, he can't hear the sound


Finally he got the liberty

And achieved the true victory 

Solving the life's mystry

And the rest we know is history

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