Coherent You, Lucid Me

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Shield my heart from the feelings of drowning when times of a storm approaches my way.

Submitted: July 30, 2017

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Souls pressed by unhealthy insecurities that have nothing to do with you or me. Unable to change a past thought that lead to an event doesn't mean we can't avoid the same mistake. However, my Monday's reveal the real personalities of many playing with my intelligence and feelings for stupid reasons. I can't blame them I would too having come across such a nice soul without a sense of direction. Dealing with a used to be fades the immaturity from your circle, so watch how tight it gets when those times of grief send you into sorrow. Running into just a few people day to day that begin to stress our mentals with fake smiles and laughs. The remarks you hear from those around you as you sleep, but the insults replay to you in dreams being simplified into 3 words "I don't care". Crying doesn't do much for a homeless person in search of food to feed their soul, but instead gets a few coins without a message of good advice to move them into something better. Sorry isn't enough when sit you down and explain how I really don't care much for your tears baby girl because you've given up, and I don't have room in my heart for quitters. If I could draw up a soul to accompany in my life in a way I would find perfect, I would draw a family. Lost opportunity to approach my fears earlier in life didn't effect me as I was already on a path to get past them without a seat belt. Take care of those that care about you as the older owls would say after a few bottles of drowsiness. I don't plan on interviews, but I will open up to you about my views of Love in this world where you could understand my position on where you would stand with me.

I've had many near and a few thousand miles down the line tell me they love me. However, 14/16ths of all those individuals have introduced fake smiles into my circle. I believe not one soul that expresses those words towards me because they can't put the passion into those words as I do. Most people are fools as they can recall a thousand times they've said they loved me, yet they cannot recall one time where I've said it first. Think back to when it stopped then evaluate yourself on if your decisions were as holy as you claim to be day to day not just your Sunday's. With little to lose and so much time to make gains I only focus on moving forward without the need for an explaination as I have expressed my truest thoughts on those situations once before, and got not one sincere reply. See baby girl there's not many that will stick by your side like you will, so get out of that corner, wipe your tears away, reach out to me for the support of a real family member that will see it through with you. Most men have a problem with helping out women to make their day just a bit better. It shouldn't be much of a hassle or any trouble to reach out to any woman with the look of despair on her face as a simple hug can change the mood of the moment into something beautiful, and another smile will be rise like the morning sun. For today's women and men feel they can only save their friendly gestures for their partner excluding the rest of society from their lives. In a world like such as this one I will say this to my daughter and son, "I cannot apologize for everyone's actions as they ignore you in your times of need rather you walk to the store, and break down crying on the way becuase of a heartbreak from up the road. Not one soul will see the need to walk over and hug you my son/daughter as you will have to call me from miles away to come your way. This world can be dirty, yet you will already have the game as I will tell you "Monopoly" is like the feelings of the people".

Lucky 7's and lucky 6's will guide you on a path of magnificent blessings unforeseen by anyone else around you. I fall in love with you not for how the connection looks, but rather more for the pictures we're able to paint together. A person unappreciative of art is not of any interest to me as our conversations will be very limited as I have them others that have similar interests as me. Opening my mind to yours as a friend in the beginning will shortly change once I reveal a page from my book to you just to see if you will run with it and talk about me to your friends. As if I wouldn't pass by to overhear you speaking me up or even the soft whispers that seem to always come back to me. The things I've heard so far could easily make a person shout "I hate people" when in reality I've already replaced you with someone better who happens to actually bring out a new glow in my smile. All in your mind all the dreams of our love in the back of your head. I haven't had a normal conversation with people in months maybe even years. I want to hear about your views on ghosts, superstitions, favorite scenes from SpongeBob, or just a thought on a piece of art. I'm tired of complaints from all over the world, for I have my own as well but can do nothing much other than thank myself for not giving up. Average people do what they can while the real survivors make things happen. Nothing ever came to a person that just wanted to sit around and wait on a miracle to benefit them for the rest of their life without actually putting in some work. Learn to love again is what I want to to tell people, but what good is speaking to brick walls with ice boxes for hearts, and shanks for feelings.

People love war for the simple reason of conditioning. Of course scrolling on any news feed will present to you an old event that touches the heads of many bringing out the anger of a beast on the wrong people rather than the ones that actually committed the acts. Thus turning those viewers into demons themselves as they want nothing more blood shed after the trials of the unfair court system. For that reason I walk light and quick for my sense of the real Devils are closer than I thought. I couldn't walk down the street to the store without a surprise guest stirring up trouble a few blocks over, or just right across the street from a church taking the lives of many I once grew to love. We were just kids, but those men didn't care as they would rather rack up some type of count on their burners for street credit. Watching my murdered brothers and sisters brains spilled on the concrete haunts me at times even now years later. Witnessing many get shot on their birthdays and Christmas eve as if they were receiving a sign to never sleep on the fact that tension is still in the air. Met a few young men back in high school that said they would murder their mothers if they were to ever cross them. An area like that hasn't done much but reveal the real hell the churches will not discuss. Here I stand 21 years later only being able to thankful for the blessing to see another day without the rituals or superstitions to distract me from the real world. We are still searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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