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"Every reflection has own story"

This the upload for my country independence day (2/2) I hope you enjoyed it

Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 29, 2017



Blaming yourself behind reflection

Behind transparent wall i cannot reach

Without acknowledge of twisted world

Between corner i went before


Broken part sweel throgh my veins

Triumph behind every thought

The purity that never be outdone

Haunted behind the darkness


A world created behind me

Reflecting every thing i do

Requiem of the dead force my reality

Soon this fake skin soon will be fall


Fallen blood grave my mind

Reflection never i've seen

Since that day

I never see the sun same way again


To a place i never been before

Traumatizing view coloured the world

Rotten unforgivable madness

Covered behind all lies behind


Perfect reflection within the shade

Avid affection beyond humanity

Gazing into deep empty eyes

Where i only see my self reflection


Transparent dream and vivid self

Past beyond all the thing i do

Dreaming of blurred dream

Beyond past the world i unseen


Large universe cannot be counted

Living through inside my body

Living and grows in the sky

A pararel road divide our life

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