Hate Myself

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Submitted: July 29, 2017

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Submitted: July 29, 2017



please don't be mad at me

please don't yell at me

please don't judge me 

please don't give me a speech 

please understand me 

i freaked out 

i woke up i could not breath 

i felt like shit 

i was crying for an hour 

before i noticed that i was

freaking out 

i lost control

i forgot all hope

i forgot everyone 

and all that was left 

was my self hate 

all balled up in every thing

i just hate myself

more then anything

and i cant expect a man 

to understand me 

or this

but i grabed a sharp object 

and i cut my arms all up 

it was deep

i got scared but i calmed down

at least im not dead right 

i bleed then i remembered 

all the important little things 

like the one i love so dearly to my heart

yes i love you im sorry 

i was so lost in my self pity 

that it got to me in my dreams 

and agin i lost conrol

and i cut my soul

i scared my skin

i created these ugly 

gashes on my arm

just because 

i pitied myself way too much

the hate i wear on myself

the hate i show 

just so u know 

im sorry 

i painted my skin 

with my own blood

in shame 

im sorry 

i just hope you wont be mad

and u just will understand 

my purpose 

just rember i love u 

and im sorry once more

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