Forever Bound

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As close a connection as close can be.

Submitted: July 29, 2017

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Submitted: July 29, 2017



A sister closer than I've ever known,
a one-time lover, breaking with me
the innocence from whence we came.
We grew up together, you and I,
our found wisdom borne out of
natural disasters, our own created difficulties,
and the evolution, or not, of everyons.

As life binds friends, lovers, soul mates together,
I would not be me without you.
the helix of my being wraps,
that the pulling of a tare,
would mean the uprooting of wheat;
If life repeats itself in a continuum,
who will we be next?
Brothers? Sisters?
Penguins traversing Antarctica?
Peter and John? A King and Queen?
Maybe simple peasants  
or survivors of a future Holocaust.

As energy combines with energy,
I cannot imagine mine not mixed with yours,
even apart by distance,
for as God fashioned Eve with Adams rib,
so has he fashioned my DNA with your breath,
the words you have spoken,
and our time together.

I am forever ruined to be anything else
but created by items from your spare room,
molded in your image,
forever bound in you.

© Copyright 2018 Christopher Patrick. All rights reserved.

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