Evil Elevator

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A random and made up short story with meaning, using my job as inspiration.
Was awfully bored.

Submitted: July 29, 2017

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Submitted: July 29, 2017



Evil Elevator

By: PikalekThePikaPikachu

A random and made up short story with meaning, using my job as inspiration.

Was awfully bored.


Gotta get this cart down before my shift ends, don’t wanna be late to get home.

The humming of the elevator was loud and it shook, shook.

Shortly the first floor passed by and the elevator came to a sudden halt before the basement.

The light overhead grew fainter every second, all to the point there was no more light.

Overwhelmed, his heart throbbed but no panic.

Slowly he went along the wall and tried to find the phone, all to forget the power is out.

What the heck do I do, like come on man?!

This could last hours, even a day at worst.

Should have ate that granola bar when I had the chance, what was I thinking.

He starts breathing heavier but has some patience left.

2 hours later, he feels the need to pee, so he goes on the door, leaking down the shaft luckily.

Barely able to keep his eye lids open, he falls to the floor.

He begins to dream, a strange dream.

In his old school, a kid name Miko sat in Mike’s old seat.

He had better looks then Mike did.

The teacher had asking him to answer but he told him I don’t care.

Now Miko is at the school library looking at WestPoint but not trying to do school work.

In Mike’s old room, he watches Miko leave a nasty comment on social media.

A vision of Miko stealing car keys found at a random mall.

Some girl texted Miko, never message me again, you act crazy, you know that?

Despite all, Mike had enough of all the terrible visions.

He screamed NOOO!

On his knees and hands, he opened his eyes.

The lights were on once again.

A co-worker helped him up off the floor of the elevator in the basement.

A tear ran down Mike’s cheek and his co-worker looked at him confused.

He asked, So Mike, what did you see, tell me?

I saw bits of my life flash over me but somebody else in my spot.

He showed me why I am beautiful, because I try to be the best, to be kind and work hard.

If somebody else were born and not me, lessons would not be learned, he did not care to improve.

Of course I made back mistakes but I fixed them, I made the effort.

There is a bunch of guilt from what I did.

So, Mike, how long did you sleep last night?

A good 5 hours, blame the internet, haha.

You know it’s 11pm, right Mike?

Crap, mom has been sitting out there for and hour, she’ll chew my head off.

At-least you don’t have 3rd shift bro…


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