The Evergrowing Lapse

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Submitted: July 29, 2017

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Submitted: July 29, 2017



The Evergrowing Lapse

The wind that pours time
Fell short to this fire
Though I wasn't prepared
I knew what I was waiting for

I thought heaven was less than this pain

This evergrowing lapse
Nothing is real

Lights guard my temple
The time will come
When my need to move surpasses my will to live

The virtuality amongst us
All suffering falling
A vast ocean of universe
And nothing is right

As the night falls, something strange creeps

This evergrowing lapse
Nothing is real

Ground keeps me asleep
The time will come
When all is burnt down and I fail keep my promise
That someday I'll find my way

That I'll rise from the dead

And I call my survival
Until these black walls crush me
I'll stand by the firelight
At least I know that it won't be over

Twist my eyes into seeing forward
Force me to this hallowed ground
Make me comprehend

Comprehend and assimilate

No presence can follow me where I intend to fault
Pull me in

This evergrowing lapse...
A power uncontrollable

Freeze this sky so I can see with clarity
Supernaturalism holds my spirit to the stars
Galaxies enter my orbit

This is my final move

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