What for?

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This is poem about the lie have been written for the second book, but actually it did not include to book.

Submitted: July 30, 2017

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Submitted: July 30, 2017



What for? What for?
Why is this happening before?
What for we always like to lie?
And what we already not kill ourselves when we cry?

What for? What for?
She wanted to love,
But she began to hate,
Only it’s not clear to whom,
She should complain

It’s unbearable to see,
It’s impossible to touch,
It’s possible, but it’s difficult to watch
But even after that,
You must stop lying or just try to lie less

Everybody lies, absolutely everyone,
And even you are not an exception,
Because nobody from us are not perfection.
You say that you have love, but from yourself
Somewhere on the side you have other bookshelf.

We need to stop being silent,
We need to stop yelling,
We are even too bored with love like in game
It’s time to say,
What I think about it, I also say the same

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