Light Your Hug

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You may feel this light gives you a refreshed love each moment you are here. Let your heart cherish this blessing ever. :)

Submitted: July 30, 2017

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Submitted: July 30, 2017



Holding on to your story now,

I voice some gestures of a home connecting our destiny ahead,

Tomorrow who collect this silence of a heart made on this Earth for all of us here,

When all the night God shared some footprints around this life I always stayed with you,

Where a smile brought back so much I gave up on the willingness why love followed your heart,

Here I lived each moment so may God fulfill this promise time made with your existence here,

I always will be your changing sunshine like the air we breathe for our emptiness within,

When you are my sunshine I hope all my life is so granted,

Suddenly everything disappears,

You will wake me up from the silence this crowd plays, 

My life asks me did I knew you why you are our everything I am so remembered,

Sometime where this heaven cannot forget a dream I am so challenged,

A star far being near our father in your heart I am so cherished,

One life I wish someday this star in your time ahead I am so commited,

I may be with you until this promise wish for a simple prayer I am so blessed,

My love for you is the dearest making a happiness within I am so crafted,

A star is leaning from this galaxy changing sunshine you will see like a dream,

Where this hunger of our roles may take is not unknown,

Yet God came here together to do something big,

So many will forget that the story of this fate be the love we can feel,

Every role you believe will take you beyond from the reach of the deepest shining light,

How all this truth can trouble an undivided climate will be the need any word cannot be unknown?

When I remember what flows from this word may never get displaced in the wind,

Someone fuels this chariot hoping down the end of this road,

We may find peace without a disaster,

Someone fumes this fire helping your world never the end of a sunshine,

We will seek compainionship without a enemity,

I know this message is not new,

When I see what your heart searches for any room in my soul,

I do everything so you may take this work of sacrifices I have inherited be your loved companion here,

When I find where your mind deludes come by grants we have kept in the storehouse of this heaven for all,

I did this help so you may see through what we have harvested in the entire human history for this day,

Today I came here with three signs from the resthouse of all treasures,

I want this loved sign within any understaning deep inside our dream for your creation,

For all may receive sincere help like you cared for this loved home,

Tomorrow my changing Sunshine will not be the final word for the rest,

As I have given you a time that matters most for all here,

Today this changing sunshine gives challenges we must not leave investments away in darkness,

For I have given you a sign that will not lead us there into another unending night,

Yesterday you looked for this dream to be made into reality,

Let us not kill this step we knew from a distance is our helping friendship,

Now a choice need your efforts as a mentor far down undivided climate for all creation,

May you feel changing sunshine of this time spring events we can embrace with love, joy, peace and hope for all;

A question touches gestures on different unknown roads towards Gods fruits and its ultimate truth,

When the character of our people is so diverse near untold experiences,

Do you feel any immortal fire may be the key towards this wealth money cannot buy?

If you ask me there is any such freedom I am so lost without unity,

Here I pray God dont remember everything we have done as unforgiveable,

For this learning I have something to offer brings my deepest feelings for your gratitude,

When I thank again,

I feel in this letter of experiences,

A changing sunshine feels the need why we need to act quickly,

This channel of grace may author one name before this creation,

I must hug this love from God who came back as a sign for this offering,

When our father in heaven connected one human community beyond any message in time,

Light from this star of our galaxy,

We named as the Sun,

May not forsake a creation born in the light as the seed of all energy within,

Yet forgive us when our one unity in the endless days ahead give the making of a duty granted,

For being human is the delight towards the supreme duty we give devotion,

Let this start within your hearts prayer now,

Ahead into this creation where your friends bring up their loved home,

May God commit this gesture like Sunrise as a always remaking event.

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