The Devil's Instruments

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Submitted: July 30, 2017

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Submitted: July 30, 2017



Back against the wall

No one to turn to

Nowhere to go

Too proud to fall

Half-mad with hunger

Clothes falling off rotten skin

Mind murky 

I roamed the

midnight alleys

In a haze

From lack of sleep

I pressed on

As the holy rollers

Danced in circles, and sang

Back to the wall

Plastic bags tied to my feet

I try not to laugh

As the holy man takes away

the cigarette from the musician

and tells him these are 

the instruments of the devil

On Music City a mother

tells her child to look the other way

Too crazy to go, but too

sane to stay

Pity I did not seek

It was a false destination

I had reached

No, I did not play to bluff

When it was life that

I've had enough

On that long ride

Too many things reminded

me of home

Strangers with familiar

faces became friends

I knew it was too late

To turn back now

Now matter how you run

The pain will always follow

A kindly stranger; a soldier's wife

Let me down that forgotten

highway of memories past

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