Certainty of Stop

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Submitted: July 30, 2017

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Submitted: July 30, 2017



Her laughing has me look away

And watch instead her graceful sway

But always just beyond my gaze

The Wall remains on best of days


And when, on cue, my eyelids drop

They grant me certainty of stop

So staring at my honest lids

I find the Wall that daytime hid:


Made of stone but not of Earth

Measures each of us from birth

Patient for all – eager for none

Tall enough to block the sun


It sucks this brilliant world to shade

Lets darkness flood in black cascade

Life from life does disappear

Now blind of sight, I only hear


The silence speak in muted booms

Of vacuum packed with empty tombs

That waiting are, but each will fill,

For bodies linger after Will.


And I lie useless, turned to lead

But hear her breathing in my bed

Remember that again we’ll wake

To act once more our give and take


Tomorrow maybe we will sing

To send our dread to shattering

As Wall meets music, justly so,

It tumbles down like Jericho. 

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