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This story is about a kid who was very intelligent. I got involved with his mother, and began to give the kid good training for his future life.

Submitted: July 30, 2017

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Submitted: July 30, 2017



There were about six benches in the park. Five of them were already taken. There was an empty one, and I managed to get to it before anyone else did. These benches were situated so that one gets a nice view of everything in the immediate vicinity.
A road led from the east corner, about 100 meters from where I was, all the way around the park, and back to where it had started. Anyone who came in the park, came immediately into my view. If they happen to walk all the way around, they will pass just in front of my bench. Beyond the park was the main road passing along the shopping centre.
It was a nice sunny day so I sat down on the bench and stretched my feet out. About ten minutes later, this blonde woman came into the park just from the right side of where I sat, pushing a pram, and with a young boy trotting a little ahead of her The woman was tall and slim and had a figure that would make any man stare. As for me, I did stare, I couldn't do anything else. But I wasn't staring out of lust or anything like that; for I had already assumed that she was one of those women who had already been taken. She was another man's property. I had no intention of getting myself involved with women who were already taken

The young boy managed to get well ahead of his parent and the pram by dashing in front furiously. He came to where I was, he stopped and was staring at me. I looked at him and said, ''What are you staring at?''
He said, ''Sir, you're black!''
I wanted to grab hold of him and shake the hell out of him. ''So you know your colors, do you?''
"Black is not a color, sir. It's just a shade.''
''You wise little brat,'' I was thinking to myself. "I know that, little one, I know that.'' I tried to calm down.
''We say, the tenebrous ones..''
''What's that?''  This young kid was really wise, and pushing his luck.
''Go on...'' I was just about to tell him something, when his mother arrived with the pram.
She said to him, ''George, I told you not to run away so far ahead of me. And here you are, talking to a stranger.''
She took hold of his hand, and was just about to push away with her pram when I said: ''I hope you know this lady, but you have a really wise kid on your hand there.''
''Yes, I know. He's rather ahead of his time.''
''You need to make sure that he gets the right training, and a very good education.''
The baby in the pram started crying, and the woman kept on shaking the pram slightly, in order to shut the baby up. It worked. The woman said to me, ''No offence to you, but we cannot have our children running off to strangers. That's not a good thing.''
I said to her,''I understand, you're right.''
She said, ''Where are you from? I haven't seen you around here before.''
''Me,'' I said to her, ''not so long ago, I moved into the flat across the road, above the grocer's shop.''
''My God!'' She was amazed. ''You're my neighbour! I'm in the flat opposite.''
''That's a coincidence!'' I put out my hand at the same time she put out hers, and we shook hands. ''Nice to meet you,'' she said. ''I took my boy this morning for the first time to school. He liked it. The school is off this afternoon.''
''Where's your husband, then?'' I asked her. There were a few minutes silence, then she said, ''He got killed in Irag last year.''
''Oh! I'm sorry to hear that. It must have been very painful for you?''
''Yes,'' she told me, ''but time is passing by very quickly, and we shall always hold him in our memory. She showed me some photos. I looked through each one and made comment. The little boy was standing on the left of me, and every time I looked at a photo with his dad on it, he would point and say,'' Pappy.''
I repeated and said also, ''pappy.''
I had a good look also at the baby in the pram--a little girl. I tried not to wake her up, running my hand lightly on her rosy cheek.''
The woman said, ''We have to go now. I have to do some shopping, and then some washing at the laundry.''
I said, '' Keep that kid close by, he's clever. The future is open for him.''
"Thanks,'' she said, ''for your advice.
She pushed the pram and went along her way.

I too, had some shopping to do and I went and did just that. Back at my flat, I set a video on, ''Winchester 73,'' it was time I had a look at this western. Many people were talking about it. Just as it started, I heard the doorbell. I went and had a peep, it was that kid, he had an envelope in his hand. I opened the door and said, ''It's you, kid! what have you got there?''
''My... mummy say to give you this.''
"Come on in kid,'' I went straight and switched the video off. I opened the envelope and started reading. It was am invitation to come to the kid's birthday. ""Do you want a drink? And I see that it''s your birthday soon. You're going to be five.How marvellous.''
''Yes, thank you.'' The kid was very polite. He sat down just in front of the tv while I went and made a soft drink for him. When I came back I gave him the drink and said; ''Do you watch tv often? What do you watch?''
''Sir,'' he said, after he had a quick sip of the drink. ''I watch the children shows, then I read some books on philosophy.''
''Really? Tell me the title of one of your books.''
''An Essay Concerning Human Understanding.''
''That book is by John Locke, the English philosopher. That is a very interesting book, and you're just about five and reading it? Amazing!''
''Why is it amazing, sir?''
''Because...never mind.''
The kid finished his drink and was leaving.
''Tell your mummy that I'll be there, and thanks for inviting me.'' I managed to tell the kid before he went out the door.

I started thinking, If I had a kid like that, I would really do all that I could to get him in a good position in life. But I knew I didn't have to worry much about that because the school he is going to is one of the best in the area.
Before I went to the kid's birthday, I went out and bought a book by Arthur Schopenhauer, ''The World as Will and Representation.''  I thought to myself, ''That will give him something to think about. I knew there were many grown ups who struggled with that book, so this young kid surely will find it hard as well.''

I went to the kid's birthday with the gift wrapped up with a small note. It said: ''happy birthday, kid. One day you'll be Prime Minister.''
How did I know that? Was I kidding the kid? No. I wasn't. I just had that feeling. The kid's mother opened the door for me, and immediately, he was there beside me i gave him the wrapped gift. There were other children there as well. His grandmother on his mother's side was there, and she politely greeted me. I found myself a chair and sat down facing the kids playing around. I said to Jen, ''Thanks fo inviting me over.''
She smiled and said, ''That's ok! what would you like to drink?''
''Give me a soft one, just like the kid.''
She looked at me, ''Why do you keep calling him ''kid?'' his name is George.''
''I know I heard you call his name in the park, it is just my pet name for him, and I don't think that he finds it awful because I call him ''kid.''

The kid had the gift I gave him unwrapped, and everyone saw the title. His grandmother said: ''That's a heavy philosophical book.''
''Don't you know your grandson?'' I said to her. ''He's capable of understanding what he's reading.''
''I know he's clever,'' she looked at him. ''He's only just turned five.''
''Thank you sir,''the kid said, laid the book down and went to play with the children.

Jen said: ''I hope he keeps it up, this intellectural thing of his. Hope he doesn't give up after a while.''
''I don't think he'll give it up. Some kids are real geniuses. Your kid is one of them. My intuition tells me that he'll  go far.'' I gave her my opinion.
''He has already many friends in school, and around the neighbourhood.'' Jen told me.
''That is a good sign.'' I said to her.

Jen and I became close and fell in love. We took the kids all over the country. They enjoyed it. The kid was doing real well in school. Rosy was now five, the little girl in the pram, and she herself was doing well in her school, at that age. Every birthday, I kept giving them gifts. The kid got from me a book about Alfred the Great. Rosy was into Enid Blyton books: ''Five on a Treasure Island'', ''Five Go off in a Caravan,''  ''Five go to smuggler's top, and ''Five run away together.''

We moved into a nice big house with a small garden at the front, alittle side garden, and a massive back area. It wasn't far away from the 'town. Sometimes we would walk and be there in ten minutes, and sometimes we would take a bus.

The kid reached his 17th year and he was ready to go to Cambridge. At 10 years old, he was really ready, but it wasn't allowed.  We made sure he had everything he needed. I was really proud of him. He was a good kid, well behaved and tolerant in many ways. He had a stack of books under his arm. I said to him: ''This is your chance now, kid. Don't blow it. Remember everything you were taught at home. Hold on to them tightly and don't let go. They'll surely see you through.''.
''Yes, sir, '' he said, as he left us and walked across the lawn to the place where he would be accomodated.

Before he left, there were lots of hugs, and tears rolling down the cheeks. Rosy was now 12 and she knew what was happening to her brother. He had entered Cambridge college to study politics. The kid had in his collection of books one by Thomas Hobbes: ''Moral and Political Philosophy.'' He also had a book by John Stuart Mill: ''Principles of Political Economy. He also had books from Plato,Socrates, Lucretius, Leucippus and Democritus and Aristotle.

I warned the kid not to get himself involved with the police or breaking the law. I told him that he must safeguard his name and that he must not be involved with any scandal. I told him to keep away from drugs and don't be led astray. I told him that people were very good at digging back in the past, and throwing all the unpleasant things straight in your face, or spreading them in the papers. This happens especially when you're in a high position or trying to obtain a high position. Watch out for yourself.

He had taken all that I had told him seriously. I knew he was no fool, and I trusted him fully to work and behave himself while he was at Cambridge.

The kid was not in an ordinary school now, where they took a week or more to read a few pages from a book. At Cambridge everyone was smart, gifted. In a few hours time, they would read a big thick book, and then turn to the next one.

It was also important  for them kid to keep away from stress, and try to function in a healthy state.

The next time he was down, it was a nice sunny day and we were out in the back yard relaxing. The kid said to me,'' Was Socrates a bad man?''
''No.'' I said. ''He was a great teacher, but those who were afraid of him, got him sentenced to death, and he took the hemlock poison. Why did you ask that question?''
''It's just that I read that his debates were great, he refers always to the mind over the body. And it was because they said he was corrupting the young people.''
''Those early Greeks were real thinkers. 'Wisdom comes from knowing oneself,'  Socrates wrote. And how's it going up there for you?''
''I like it very much. I've settled in, and everything's working out fine.''
''Great to hear, kid, Keep it like that, and you won't regret it.''
''Sir, '' the kid carried on, ''I read also that it was Leucippus and Democritus who first came out with the idea of atoms. They were clever, weren't they , sir?''
''It was Leucippus who first thought up the idea, Democritus was his student. Of course, they were clever. They said that all matter is made up of tiny, indivissible particles, or atoms. Listen, kid, when you have time, dig into some mythology, you'll surprise yourself with what you find. A great treasure hidden in stories.''
Jen broke in,'' Tell me George, have you found a nice girlfriend up there?''
George said, '' There're quite a lot of them. Most are very serious with their studies.''
''So they should be, '' I said. ''After their studies, then they could go all out for a relationship.''
''Nowadays, that's not the way things work out. You find many young students still in a relationship, '' Jen said.
''Forget that you've heard that,'' I said to the kid. ''You've got all the time  for a relationship after your study is completed. Of course, you're going to have friends up there, but not serious to break your study.''
The kid said, ''I have a few already. We study together..''
''that's normal. Wherever you go, there's always friends, good ones and bad ones. Make sure you pick the good ones.''

''What about Rosy, then, '' Jen said. ''Boys will be after her, especially when  she reach the age to go to college. She's a pretty little girl, isn't she?''
''Sure is. But it does not matter how many boys are after you, you're the one in control.''
Rosy said, "'Am I going to Cambrdge like my brother?''
''You'll probably end up there,'' I told her. You're aiming for a degree in Sociology. This gives you a good chance to get many jobs./''
The kid said, "'Rosy will be starting when I'm about to leave.''
I said: ''That's right. Our boy will be leaving with a bachelors degree in politics.''

The kid said, ''And what if I fail?''
''I know, kid, I knwo. You're not one of those whom are lazy and don't care. You're different and I know you'll get it.''
''I was only koking, Sir. I wanted to see how you'd react.''
''You already know my reactions, always positive. Stand up and give a short political speech, as if you're addressing your fellow members, you being the Prime Minister.''
The kid got up, then started: ''We are gathered here today to make our country one of the best in the world where our people would be happy and free from heavy burdens.''
Jen, Rosy and I started clapping. I said, ''I'll nevr forgewt this first speech of yours. And I hope to hear many more for real before I give up this body.''

Four years later the kid passed his exams and was awarded a bachelors  degree in politics, law and economics. When he came home we had a big party for him. He had quite a number of friends as well.

The kid I know has to be selected as parlimentary candidate for his political party. He also has to see that he gets the most votes when there is an  election.  He has to make sure that he win outright.

The kid later became leader of his constituency, became a member of parliament. At the general election five years later. He won and became Prime M inister. Rosy got herself a top job in Europe, so she was often away. She had a boyfriend and was planning to get married later on. The speech that the kid gave when he became Prime Minister was a knock out blow.


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