the green truck

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this short story is dedicated to the memory of my loving dad.

Submitted: July 30, 2017

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Submitted: July 30, 2017



The Green Truck



Years ago, when I was a small boy growing up in the Soviet Union, toys that were bought in the store were very expensive, especially for my family, because at the age of six I was the oldest of five children and toys were not the common items in our house.  My dad worked hard to support his family and often I would not see him for long time.  One thing that I would always remember was my dad's love for me.


On one spring evening, I went with my dad to the pharmacy.  On our way home, we walked past a toy store.  I asked my dad if we could walk inside and look at some toys.  I knew that my dad could not afford to buy me a toy but I liked to look anyway.  The store was crowded.  As I walked around I saw many toys on the shelves.  In Russia, many toys were kept behind a counter where customers could not touch them.  Some toys were kept behind the glass display, so I could look but not touch them.  I saw a small dark green pick-up truck that I thought was very nice.  I could even smell the fresh green paint.  As I stood and stared longingly at the truck I began to feel jealous, afraid that someone would see the beautiful truck and buy it for their child.  I heard my dad's voice calling me that it is time to go home.  I looked around and saw many happy children who were holding new toys.  I began to feel shaky and tears started coming from my eyes.  I walked out with my dad, but could not stop myself from crying.  My dad bent over me, "what's the matter, why are you crying", he asked.  I explained to him that I wanted to have one toy.  I saw my dad's face, he looked very sad and told me that he wanted to buy me a toy very much but he did not have lot of money and that we need money for food and other things.  I knew this was true because of my big family.  My dad worked very hard to support us.  I still could not stop myself from crying.  My dad said, "let's go inside the store and see which toy you like to have".  I showed him that dark green pick-up truck that I wanted very much.  I looked at my dad's face to see what his answer would be.  I saw tears coming from his eyes.  When I saw my dad’s tears I felt very sorry.  I knew I had been asking for the impossible.  To my surprise my dad then said to me, “I am going to buy you that truck, even it is difficult”.  Then I heard my dad telling the saleslady that we would like to buy the dark green pick-up truck.  I could not believe what I was hearing!  In all my six years, I was never so excited.  I was shaking but I was so happy.  I knew my dad loved me.  He said to me, “this is yours now”, as he gave me the truck.  As I walked from the store holding the new truck to my chest, my heart was full of happiness and thankfulness to my dad.  I slept with my new truck for a very long time.  When I look at the truck I would always remember how much my dad loved me and was willing to give up to make me happy.  I will always remember how that truck smell and all details. 


Many years went by and I played with my truck for a very long time.  In time, the paint was gone and some wheels were missing, it got rusted.  My dad passed away long ago and I no longer have the truck, but I would always remember that day and my dad’s love for me. 


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