working relationship

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Playboy Aegis Tate enters a relationship with Camra Lyon an executive under him. His friends have a bet over who can lash the newest skirt in the office. Its goes downhill upon pregnancy news. Aegis feels best to discard Camra. But trouble is brewing for them both, when her husband decides to unleash his own secret.

Throw in the mix ruthless rival executive Avion Moon and produce the makings of corporate intrigue and scandal.



Working Relationship


Trinidad bestowed sunny weather. Within their house, a trio readied to leave.


Said Neshon, ‘Good luck on your first job day.’

‘Hopefully. I’ll be happy once you have a lucky one. Godspeed.’ responded Camra his wife.

‘Come on dad.’ urged the red skinned Abram to his like wise father. ‘I’ve got test today.’


Neshon was quite youthful looking; he may have been thirty, but evinced twenty years. Very fair to look at, three years his wife’s junior.


The trio left the domicile. Before entering respective vehicles, they kissed each other goodbye. Conveyances split between Neshon and seven year old Abram in his four-door pickup and Camra in her Hyundai Electra.


Truly a splendid view both conveyances enjoy driving past houses occupying the middle-class neighborhood. One gathered it’s a safe, appealing place to raise family. Soon the highway made the rides take different routes.


A certain song played. A Spanish song. Madonna’s La Isla Bonita. Other vehicles drew on the highway’s function. A large, black, boxy S class Volvo and an Audi A6 drove too among the throng of cars.


Camra stopped at a red light. The Volvo crossed the road in front her. The light remained cherry. Meanwhile the Audi pulled alongside…The traffic light turned green Camra naturally accelerated just a little. All it took. The Audi behind overtook speeding by in rage. Locally called “bad drive”.


Camra’s jaw dropped. What if Abram traveled with her?


The Audi in front, its driver amended the rearview mirror and saw Camra’s car behind. Satisfied the driver gave himself or herself a self-righteous nod.


The Volvo beat both to the massive company. The Spanish song blasted from it, courtesy a powerful sound system. The European import flashed headlights at the guard in a friendly gesture at the underground parking lot’s entrance. The guard smiled and raised the barrier, letting it through. Music echoed, magnified in the lot’s confined space.


Later came the Audi. The guard “cut eyed” the driver. A local face of reproach, before letting it pass.


Said its driver inside the parking lot annoyingly of the echoing music. ‘Early morning noise?’


Sighting its parking space the Audi readied to park. Avion Moon never saw the Volvo before it sped past screeching to a halt in her parking space!


Avion was enraged. She drove behind the Volvo and shouted trying to be heard over the music. ‘Couldn’t you see that was mine? That music getting to your brain? This is not over.’ And drove away.


Song ended, the echoing ceased. Aegis stepped out, adjusted the tie to his fancy black suite, suitcase in hand and walked to the elevator.


Camra found her way to the office of Denny Rattone. Aged 58, 6ft tall with graying hair, headed the local Trinidad branch. A man who expected no less from his employees as he did himself. The white man greeted her warmly. Perhaps too warmly.


‘Welcome to Sotus Enterprises Miss Lyon.’

‘I’m very happy to be to be an executive at the largest enterprise company worldwide,’ responded Camra curtly.

‘Trinidad’s branch is the Caribbean’s largest.’ Rattone added proudly. Camra appeasingly nodded. Unspoken etiquette. 


‘I believe you wish to meet your other executives.’

‘Sure do Mister Rattone.’

‘Just call me Denny.’

‘Sure Mister Rattone…Just kidding!’


He escorted her to another office. Camra opened the door as told. When she did, certain men and a woman threw confetti and clapped.

Aegis blew a party horn that unrolls from a flat coil when blown. Paper tongue variety.


Camra was shocked.


‘We always celebrate new arrivals,’ explained Rattone. ‘Aegis arranged this for you.’


The men, a noticeable portion anyway, were young and white.


The woman was native raised, red skin with a body somewhat thicker than Camra’s, aged 25 and 5.6in and from the prank, very humorous. She called herself Genieve Bujold.


Another guy was Ian Sevestapol. 6.4in, late 20’s, good looks, lean muscular frame, brown hair and stern, fairly rugged face.


Denny introduced Camra to a very tall man. Not the tallest, an inch junior to Ian’s height. But he did stand out.


Handsome he wasn’t. Beautiful.


Blond hair, a portion coated the brow in a fringe, young-looking flawless face, and intelligent blue eyes. Clothes seemed to enclose a lean muscular physique zenithing two hundred pounds plus, aged early 20’s. Truly a saintly body.


‘This,’ announced Denny proudly,’ is Aegis Tate Donovan. The senior executive you’ll be working under.’ Proud again, ‘A shining star in the company!’

‘Let me offer warmest greetings Miss Lyon. I wish Sotus be a rewarding home to you. You’re unique.’ In a pleasant American accent.

Camra seemed to strike a chord with him. ‘If this is indicative, we’re off to a memorable start!’


Unique in the sense the only female Negro decision-maker in the company. Only the tiniest handful reach so high in corporate circles.


She started to pick confetti off herself. Stuff got in her hair and all. ‘Call me Cam.’


A fellow exec handed the joke of honor a brush. They continued the joke. Cam laughed hilarious, near falling over. Later in own office, a privilege of status, Camra communed to Genieve Bujold her newly discovered office assistant. Many office workers have a cubicle if so much.


‘Tell me about Aegis.’ asked Camra.

‘Big surprise! Only the coolest, hunkiest exec,’ she began admiringly. ‘After coming here two years ago he quickly rose in the company ladder.’ Then clasping her hands and flicker eyes like a sweet sixteen-year-old prom girl. ‘He’s so nice.’

‘I only arrived twenty minutes ago!’ Camra responds to the lady’s dreamy state.


The day progressed. A large meeting boardroom contained Aegis with his team incorporating Camra and Avion with hers on the next side. Each side sat facing the other across the table. Typical of a corporate enterprise.


Denny presided at the table’s end. Avion finished suggestions concluding, ‘If no-one else brings forth an idea, we’ll go with mine,’ emphasizing final word. It looked the end of the matter.

‘No to your ideas and yes I have a suggestion,’ differed Aegis not looking at her and balancing a pen on every finger of one hand.


Avion stared.


From then on the pair debated ideas. In the end Avion seemed victorious. Smiling in triumph.


Defeat beset Aegis’ face and he stopped balancing. He’d balanced while debating. A moment passed he said in Alex Trebek’s Jeopardy! voice, ‘I’ve got it…’ pointing out an idea beating Avion’s.

Congratulated Denny smiling, ‘You are a fox. I like your idea so we’ll use it and part of Avion’s.’

‘But,’ argued Moon, ‘we should employ my,’ stressed she, ‘ideas.’ In her world it’s hers only or nothing.

‘I’ve made a decision Avion.’ Declared Denny in a final way. ‘I suggest you adapt.’


While everyone moved to leave, Moon pulled Aegis aside, confronting in the hallway outside the boardroom’s exterior. Poking him in the chest the East Indian woman asked bold face. ‘How dare you embarrass me in there?’ Talk about taking it personal.

‘How dare me? Avion I want no competition with you. This company must be competitive in the world arena. I’m free to bounce ideas.’


She poked again.


Causing Aegis to clench his teeth. Camra couldn’t bear anymore of that bs. Moon finds herself confronted; the woman exchanged nasty words, even staring each other down. But Camra prevailed. On her first day she gained an enemy.


Aegis and she walked along the hall in a while. His head didn’t turn, but his eyes glanced indirectly at her to the side. Said Aegis with not a lot of anger but not one of joy either. ‘Miss Lyon first day on the job and this is your behavior. Do you know Avion is senior to you?’

‘I’m sorry boss; I didn’t like her ways so I stopped her. Shouldn’t she be taking a permanent vacation?’

‘Impossible, Denny likes Moon’s incredible skill. Tell yuh a secret. Denny likes confrontation. Thinks it keeps things original and fresh.’

‘She gets away,’ judged Cam, ‘with crap. Not fair.’

‘Let’s go.’

‘Moon’s her name, huh.’ Said Cam. ‘Keep testing me!’


Aegis stared prompting an apologetic look.


‘Camra, let me tell about the business style you witnessed. You’re a girl but somewhere along your life you’ve played them. Nintendo. Hiroshi Yamauchi was president. To get that position, demanded and received the elimination of any blood relation in the business.’

‘One captain, one ship.’

‘Smart woman,’ he congratulated. ‘Yamauchi began a developmental technique. Three R&D departments competed against each other emphasizing innovation. The products poured out. Yamauchi turned Nintendo a juggernaut.’

‘Stirred the waves among his designers so to speak. And here lies Denny’s work ethic, play you and Avion against each other for best results.’


Aegis with the habitual glance had cunningly tested his subordinate. They remained in each other’s company. Aegis guided her, walking in another hall.


‘Now I must stress,’ began Aegis, ‘the importance placed on worker to senior exec communication. We tend to spend most of the day speaking to junior employees. So much so execs might stay until ten in the night to finish paper work.’

‘Signed up for this.’ Responded Camra.


They now approached a junior hand. Aegis and the employee hand couldn’t agree how to solve a problem. Camra showed Aegis he and not the worker was at fault. ‘Oh,’ exclaimed Aegis jokingly, ‘why are you so disrespectful and embarrassing!’ All laughed.

‘He’s a real cool guy.’ Proclaimed the hand.

‘Yes you are correct,’ admitted Donovan. ‘I like a woman who pays attention.’ And referring to the Avion spat, ‘Just like how you demonstrated no hesitation expressing your mind.’


Others were less fortunate. In Avion’s office she grilled her team for her failure. All except Alexis Montobar, believed by Avion her most competent subordinate.


Sight to behold. Spaniard descent, flowing flaxen hair, very light brown eyes, 5.6in, shapely body, oval head, small mouth and slender build. Early 20’s. Very easy on the eyes indeed. Has no love for Moon, but smart enough not to show it. Her role wasn’t making friend rather coming to work and earn a dollar.


Moon badmouthed unfortunate hands. More so ones who stood up to the pig. Moon didn’t look fearsome. The East Indian descendant evinced a cute, innocent look. Accentuated by a heart shaped face, small mouth, dark penetrating eyes, back length hair. Wearing distinctive string tie and skirt. Oddly similar body shape. Moon a touch older at 27. From far the pair can be mistaken for the other.


But she was fearsome, like Aegis rose quickly in the company. A potent amalgam of naked ruthlessness, beauty, brains and temper. An all-consuming desire to win, Avion despises these who best her, like Aegis and already Camra.


Post work in the parking lot, Avion walked over and got into the right hand drive car. A loud musical echoing started in the parking lot a ways off. ‘What is that awful noise?’ The sound grew in intensity, drawing closer. She about to reverse the Audi when the sound became deafening, ear drums on the verge of popping.


Looking rearward to see a Volvo’s right side. Avion beeped her horn, no response. Exiting to face the Volvo the noise ceased.


Avion tapped hard the door side window. It lowered unveiling… ‘Aegis.’ Gasped Avion.

‘Don’t tap the glass it’s very expensive,’ he said.

‘What? Trying to kill me with the racket from your fancy S class Volvo.’

Aegis apologetically, ‘Av babe we started on the wrong foot this morning. Maybe we outta make up.’

‘Want a “kiss” with the “make up?”’ Mockingly chided Avion. Sticking the knife in. ‘After all yuh embarrassed me in front the boss and humiliated me again with that new would be whore of yours.’

‘Av I don’t have patience to argue with you.’ Calmly as able.

‘Think I don’t know what yuh trying to do? I’m not bring myself as your latest bed notch.’ She declared. Surprisingly her stern voice softened. ‘Actually I don’t mind sharing your bed, but you’re competing with me.’ This lady can be quite honest.


Now he got enraged. Raised the power window, activated the booming music in Avion’s face, which flinched backward. Aegis sped off, tires screeching, out the lot.


Camra passed through her home’s front door from workday one, the Hyundai visible through a window. Neshon in the living room, while Abram tethered to a video game.


‘How was test today son? She asked. Abram gave thumbs up. ‘Sure to pass the exam like a breeze.’

‘The report paper will tell me that. Have time for a game, you’re able bring a passing grade.’

‘Hey. I did my exams so I get to play.’

Camra concedes, ‘Nice one kid.’  

Neshon questioned, ‘How was work today love?’

‘Pretty eventful Neshon,’ she asserts sitting on the couch beside him and putting both legs completely on it.


Describing his wife, as mentioned before older at 33. Long hair, nice brown complexion, round face with completing thick lips, slightly thick body. Quite the catch and physical appeal is strong without makeup.


‘Met a cool guy named Aegis and that do…’ Camra paused alarmed then carried on lower voice so her son wouldn’t hear. ‘That dog Avion.’

‘Who’s Avion?’ asked Neshon.

‘An executive at the company, enemy of Aegis and now of me.’

‘How come?’

‘She had an aggressive temper. When she opposed Aegis I intervened. Dog insulted me so I rocked her back. She doesn’t like people do better than she. A big man she talking to so! You know I don’t business.’ Camra has an assertive side and couldn’t give a hell for her enemy. ‘Don’t feel position give the right to treat people anyhow.’


‘Oh I see.’ Neshon offered, ‘A bad mind in the office.’ Before he could say more, Mrs. Lyon carried on.


‘But now back to the cooler Aegis. He’s the exec I work under. I’ll be the only woman exec and Negro working on his team. Pretty impressive huh.’

‘That maybe,’ said Neshon wondering, ‘I’m curious as to how your job will affect our family.’

Camra reiterated slight defensiveness in her voice. ‘This job I earned honey. Don’t doubt that.’

‘I’m not doubting anything. Just telling it’s gonna be long hours. Could be a problem. Family time is less.’

‘But Neshon,’ affirmed Cam more than pleads, ‘is more money; we have so many stuff to do. Busted my tail, the most senior position I ever have. It’s a job taking me higher and I’m not passing on the opportunity. I expect your total support.’


He merely produced a uneasy look. She adds, ‘This woman is going to be a breadwinner too. My pay should never unsettle a husband.’

Neshon sighed. A discussion that reared its head in times gone by.


Were the ancients in possession of today’s knowledge knew what its surface was, the name would anything but. Planet Venus. So bright on nighttime Earth it appeared a star.


So it happened on such a night at Trinidad “liming” hole a native term for socializing, Island Club, had a dark blue Lexus, a silver BMW, Volvo and Ian’s big white Benz, amongst others parked in front it. Within plush walls sat around a table were male buddies. A vehicle belonged to one a piece. On top it a Venezuelan danced seductively. The club provides to those willing to shell out. You paid for the champagne bottle too.


‘See how Camra screwed up Avion?’ said Caprenda. They all laughed save one.

‘Good for she man.’ Reasoned a particularly attractive youth with blond curly hair. Lehas.

Ian to Aegis, ‘Deep down you were laughing while it happened.’

Replied Aegis meekly to the accusation. ‘Me? I didn’t want to create a scene.’ He was the one who hadn’t laughed.

‘All the same laughing deep inside. I know you fox.’ Ian furthered.

‘Wanted to cuss she ent?’ He is a smoker. Quiet normally, this changes with the right subject bringing out the banter.


Aegis tilts his glass of champagne back and forth gently. ‘Coming to women your imagination bulges Sevastopol.’

‘Thing is holding out for sex aren’t yuh? Or wouldn’t have braced her in the parking lot.’

‘Your comprehension skills are adequate without me drilling in you I hit on nobody.’


He passed on what happened. Spoke a young Caprenda, ‘That Avion has a nice body. Temper would make her something bed wise. Remember the picture you guys handed from the office of that chick? Playboy magazine right there!’

‘Oooh. Calculate this way,’ Lehas contributed, ‘A temperamental chick has a lot of energy dig? That translates to longer sex multiplied to greater vigor in bed.’ Adding, ‘Stiffed you every turn Tate boy.’

Tate casually replied, ‘Were the both of you to make it clear before you desired the girl so badly, I would largess her phone contact.’


The two men snicker humorously. The subject turned to the next agenda.


‘That woman looked better than I thought.’ Lusted the curly haired man. As if one cue Caprenda looked at an updated Camra photo. Remarkably before stepping foot on the Sotus compound they scrutinized an earlier photo mentioned just now. Camra is a known quantity to Lehas and Caprenda well in advance.


Announced Caprenda, ‘I’ve laid claim to it you know? That’s mine, rest of you stay off it. I’m going hunting.’

Beyond the laughing reaction from Lehas, Ian sternly, ‘Say it in a smaller sentence. Less crappy. How can yuh pull an S.U.D. when yuh don’t even work with the woman?’

Lehas asked, ‘You pulling an S.U.D.?’

‘Sex Use Dispose.’ Clarified Aegis despondent.


The term is short for the tasteless act of sexing a woman then dumping her. Usually under false pretenses of a committed relationship.


Aegis reserved up to now, delivered earnestly it seemed, ‘Three supposed grown men more like children squabbling over a toy, or animals over a kill. In this modern day of business you must go after a woman in a non-blatant manner. She’ll see through you and stiff you.’

‘Didn’t help you bedding Avion.’ Chided Lehas.

The dance is lewd, punishable under Trinidad law. Everyone in the club is subject to arrest. Have money and you’re immune. Sevestapol shakes the bottle vigorously, releases his thumb off the top and sprays her.


A night in the mansion, Aegis lay back first on his bed, eyes transfixed on the Hitachi flat screen TV affixed to the ceiling above, facing him straight down.


‘Roll tape,’ he voice ordered a listening computer. A file of Camra and family played. Working with Camra for some time he’d seen something special in the Trinidadian that warranted him wishing to ‘know’ her. Transfixed on a scene showing merely Cam, ‘Pause.’ He voice controlled before the film showed anyone else.


Aegis whispered, ‘Camra you’re the one.’ He as though a real life version to anime’s B ko.


Ian made passes rebuffed by Camra as the team worked together stiffing him as Aegis predicted. Bujold sat in Cam’s office, her boss in attendance. She’s been at Sotus a number of weeks.


‘I have feelings about Aegis.’ She let flow.


Asked trusted associate Bujold, ‘Is it like or just like like.’

‘I mean really like. He’s so special somehow. I don’t think it can be explained.’

‘Well honey yuh got to somehow.’

‘He’s considerate. I mean it’s like I can share my innermost feelings with the guy. It’s like we’re connected.’ 

‘Ian’s been makin’ moves on you. He ain’t gonna be happy.’

‘Don’t want his butt.’ Then sarcastic, ‘Proud to make him like me even less!’

‘Girl,’ cautioned Bujold, ‘these are dangerous thoughts. What about your husband?’ She felt OK to ask since her boss started this line of talk.

‘It’s like we’re falling apart and Aegis is the only man to give me what I need. Neshon isn’t 100% behind me working.’

‘I’m not going to blast you. Still you know its dangerous water.’


Following this in future at lunch time Camra pulled him aside and asked cautious, ‘Aegis would you go out with me?’

‘Ah lunch with the boys huh.’

‘No just you.’

‘I understand.’ He said in a heartfelt manner.


Minutes post noon, mild rain fell outside a small Chinese eatery.


Aegis ate noodles with chopsticks as his companion watched, smiling. Donovan smiled and asked, ‘Habitually watch people as they eat?’


Camra began to eat hers rapidly as a joke. Aegis laughed silently.


‘I suppose if you chose this low key place you must want to speak to me.’

‘Yes Dono, tell me about you. How’d you get named anyway?’

‘Eponymous from a warship.’ He producing a cell phone camera, Camra viewed an Aegis class missile ship.

‘You’re not shy about boasting, eh?’ she said jokingly.

‘My father named me. That ship in his eyes projects marvel.’

‘Have a good relationship with him?’

‘I’ve rarely seen my sire. Daddy lives in the States. Sends things for me. I live my way he lives his.’

‘About your mother?’ Camra pursued.


Aegis sighed. ‘Died when I was fifteen. Left mostly to my own devices after that. Came to your country to escape I guess. 23 and here I am.’

‘Landing at the Caribbean’s bottom wasn’t predominantly a business decision? 

‘Make no mistake I’m not completely out father’s grasp. Has hopes for me I think.’

‘So young,’ Camra marveled. ‘My husband’s younger than me. Take a look.’ Not inspired by Aegis’ own picture warship, Camra whipped out a photo, handing it to her companion.

‘Jeez he looks real youthful.’ Agreed Donovan.


Perhaps unsurprisingly Cam related marital woes to in many ways a stranger.


Island Club a night. All four met to do what three bad guys do best.


‘Nobody got Camra.’ Said Caprenda.

‘True.’ admitted Aegis. ‘But she is a good worker.’

‘If she want it I’m doing it before she closes her mouth,’ lusted Lehas. “That is ah best”. How trini’s put it.’

‘Told your butt eating ass,’ said Ian, ‘she don’t work anywhere near you!’

‘At lunch Camra related rather personal words with me today. I think she wants,’ using the Trinidad term for sex, ‘to “bull” me’.

‘Between the two of you,’ roared Ian, ‘don’t know which wants to bull the other first.’ Normally quiet, once this topic agitated the man.


After the astonished silence and chuckle to Sevestapol’s outburst abated, Caprenda said, ‘Just luck Aegis. She’ll be fine in bed though.’ Clearly a man who thinks nothing bedding a coworker.


Aegis started on Ian. Albeit composed, ‘I warned of your blatant pursuit didn’t I? Don’t blame me if you’re a loser.’

‘Feel you can hide it from us? From me? Chasing that before yuh met it. Pulling an S.U.D.’ Accused Ian.


Time passed. Camra followed Aegis’ Volvo an afternoon to a beach house he said his family owned, the ocean an undeniable bonus. The country possessed a number well known attractions to foreigners.


He showed her around the structure and straight to his bedroom. Camra stood toe to toe in front the towering man just beyond the door.


‘What’s the meaning of this?’

‘Know what you want.’

I’m married.’

‘From the time you stepped foot inside this house my intentions were clear. I take it badly when take my intelligence for granted.’

The woman hesitates. ‘Your problems and fears leave them with me.’


She turned her back to him and in a storm, headed for the door. Alas, stopping at the door, she broke down lamenting, ‘Oh Dono you know I can’t.’ Quietly she walked back.


Lips touched once gently and again. Aegis lifted Cam carrying her to bed. Love making complete, they relaxed. He turned, licked her cheek and nibbled her ear whilst whispering in it, ‘So many beautiful things about you. See you, touch you, know you. Wanted you before we first met.’

‘It’s the same with me Aegis. It’s the same.’


Returning home son Abram greeted his mom at the door. She was evidently shaken.


Aegis later betrayed Cam, revealing sexual details in the club and capping that by claiming his wager. Which of whom scores with a woman gets money from the other three. All after playing a prank in the club. Presenting a red panty he said Cam gave as a trophy after sex, before admitting to the joke. Corrupting Caesar’s quote, ‘I came, I saw, I conquered.’ Snakes show true colors some time.


Camra had her own betrayal. Camra grinned at Bujold in the office.


‘Why the smile?’ the assistant asked.

‘I did it.’

‘Did…? Aegis’ Bujold expression was unbelieving, her boss did not waver. Conceding she said, ‘Whoa.’

‘He’s wonderful. Stoked my fire.’ In face of what transpired the tough Camra resembled a giddy school girl. She had a master at arms.


Bujold touched Cam’s head, pulling her hand away as if it burned, exclaiming, ‘Ow!’

Camra extolled the blonde man as if she hadn’t already, ‘He gave me what I wanted.’

‘A huge tool I’ll bet. How long it take you to walk?’ Thought sexually out loud Genieve. ‘Neshon know?’


Camra’s demeanor turned fierce. ‘Crazy? Don’t you tell anyone!’ Albeit she herself is bound to keep quiet.

‘Secret’s safe with me. Cool it down!’ Genieve promised.


Disaster? Her heart skipped a beat when she eyes Aegis’ peeking through the door. Quick thinking, she hit Cam lightly and the conversation changed. Aegis entered the office and Bujold left. Close call after some work relation works from her boss as cover.


‘What’d you tell her?’ he asked Camra, eyes intense.

‘Office work.’ She lied. Hardly surprising, considering broken vows.

‘Good. Boss man Denny wants us.’


Affair with Denny complete. Later Camra entered her paramour’s office. Trinidadians have their own name for such, “horner”. Seeing the guest from his desk, he took out a pen and pretended to write in a folder. Seeing the game, walked over to his desk sat upon it. Aegis opened a drawer, and excised an object. 


‘Perfume.’ Said a grateful Camra.

‘A gift cost me three hundred dollars.’ He paused, wondering if she’d guess the money source.


Avion picked up the bedroom receiver at night, ‘Yes.’

‘Got something important to tell.’ The speaker tried to mask their voice. Acumen Avion cut through the childish maneuver.

‘Calling me like this. Feel I don’t know it’s you Sevestapol?’


Caught, proved a loyal friend spilling a man’s steamy business. Hanging down the receiver her exquisite face shocked, which turned to Alexis. Who lay on Avion’s bed wearing lingerie. There lay a new reason why she denied Aegis bedding rights and why Alexis was seen highly by her. More that meets the eye with the women. Avion needn’t be told the informer exudes jealousy.


The working relationship proceeds. One instance Camra sits combing her hair, when she’s surprised by a mysterious figure threatening her with a weapon if she screamed.


Taken to a bed, the figure proceeds to rape from behind. She screams and begs. Dressed in black totally, she can’t make out their race. Even their eyes are behind darkers. After she and Aegis relax after coitous in the beach house. Sex games arose out the relationship now. Looks somebody’s husband dropped a grade. 


Time continued and a helicopter, enlarging as the distance closed landed at Chagaramas Heliport, flying from Piarco International Airport. The former an ex U.S. base. The passenger took a dignified time, alighting only when the noise and downwash ceased because the helicopter blades stopped spinning.


Revealed is an authoritative looking man stepped out the now silent machine. The privilege money begat. He barely resembled the nervously awaiting Aegis. Unequivocally Maximilian Sotus gives the impression fairer than his 47 years implied.


Maximilian possessed a frame heavier somewhat versus Aegis. Clearly healthy looking. Both greeted. Maximilian’s luggage being loaded into the car trunk by a servant when Maximilian tried to prod an already nervous Aegis into taking over.


Aegis tried to refuse, urging the servant to hurry. However Sotus senior placed an arm to the servant’s chest to prevent the maneuver.

Amazingly Aegis, office darling, owner of a mansion, complied with the humiliating malice.


After which, all three got in a red Volvo S 80. Brand is not the leading aesthetic pleasing compared to rivals, boxy shape the cause, but carved out a niche for unparalleled safety reputation. Wheels turn taking it away.


Servant at the wheel, Sotus expressed, ‘Had a long flight from the States to Piarco then Chagaramas.’


No response.


Sotus expressed again, ‘I hope my tour of your working place is only positive.’

‘That’s how it can only be.’ Aegis finally gave up.

‘See sent you here to this island to keep a gadabout devil angelic…Since a last S.U.D.’ He knew that.

‘There’s been nothing of the kind.’ Aegis assured.

‘Angels cherish light and where everything I need know shall end up.’ Sotus put across.


A dark night illuminated by Venus again. Neshon and Camra drove up a steep hill, neither spoke nor watched each other, so wide the gulf developed. His woman previously calling Aegis’ pet name during sex to fix her apparent boredom to his sexual prowess didn’t help matters either. Neshon clueless to which the pet referred.


At the hill’s crest a gate. A guard in elaborate uniform the security company provided, let them past. Anyone who’s action was merely to look at it can judge the apparel lent weight for ceremony than deterrence. Beyond rested Aegis’ mansion, huge and august. Wrapped you in an immaculate shell. Invited well to do attend a party on behalf the elder Sotus. The married properly dressed, walked among them, fitting a man his league.


Aegis, Denny and Avion clustered together. She spied the couple across the room and suggested to Denny devious, ‘Look, there’s Camra. Call her.’


Denny fell for it, proudly doing so. As the two approached, Aegis suspected Moon wanted to gleam anything off whatever the game was and Camra mirrors him, Think I don’t know your scene Avion.

Cam eyed Moon reproachfully a moment, then introduced her husband to Denny and began to those around him.


Camra expressed wonder to the feeling she had standing beside two men she bulled.


Spiteful gleam in her eye, Avion introduced herself. More like intrude, before her rival finished introductions. Warmly and topped with salacious undertones, ‘Hi, I’m Avion.’ Then a blatant lie. ‘Your wife and I are good friends.’ Avion took his hand shaking.

Ignorant of the bad blood, Neshon considered the lovely nubile humane and charming. Not vicious as his spouse said. ‘Camra your work place has a share of beautiful women!’

‘Last name Moon.’ She put in the mortar.

‘Avion Moon,’ rolled on his tongue.


He shook Aegis’ hand. Each man’s hand caressed the same woman. ‘Good evening Mr. Lyon.’ The paramour greeted.

‘My wife said a lot about you.’ Opened Neshon. Then looking at Aegis and Maxi, ‘Fellas must be brothers.’ Even though they didn’t resemble exactly. 

Thought Aegis disgusted, You are a jerk.

Denny moved to sustain accuracy. ‘Mr. Aegis is just a local exec. There is no relation between them. Sotus is a guest, coming from abroad for a local visit.’

‘Quite correct,’ added Aegis. Making your retirement benefits Denny.


Tonight Maximilian stands with Aegis on the grand staircase. The man shocked everyone by orating before the audience he was Aegis’ father. His son’s name surname correctly Sotus, not Tate Donovan. Max is a fellow willing to throw curve balls.


If you can shock once how’s twice. He Max, secretly led Sotus Enterprises. Standing side by side none could discern parental ties lest one say so. Shocked not least is Camra. His lover didn’t know him that way. Talking to him privately that nighttime, he barely spoke.


A day Camra went about daily chores. Inside her ovary, both lover’s sperms’ fought to reach an unfertilized egg.


When she did get to come to grips and discuss things, happened almost at his tune, the man stood behind his Volvo. Walked over to speak, but as she opened her mouth, Aegis put his finger on it and said, ‘Say nothing. Just follow my car.’


Camra questions if he laughed when his vehicle seemed out of sight in the distance when it accelerated, only to be clearly visible again upon decelerating. Admiration from her is unlikely. Each car parked in a driveway. The site a villa. At first they’d made their business at a beach house, again he dictates.


The two were in the bedroom oddly enough. Asked Camra angry, gnashing her teeth. ‘Too hard to fill me in?’

‘Finally figured it out,’ replied an amused and unrepentant Aegis. He rubbed his finger tip under her chin. Body, well toned, towered over her.


She bit it.


‘Ahh!’ he bawled. Surprised, Sotus fell back-first on the bed. Righting himself, then took Camra by the upper arms he threatened in a truly menacing, loud voice, ‘Bite me again, and I’ll give you the hardest slap you ever got!’


He changed gears Lamborghini smooth.


In a more gentle voice, ‘I’ll come clean. I was sent to your island state to test my business skills. It was a secret, and therefore couldn’t tell a soul. Even my lover.’

Whore. He corrected.


‘When were you going to let me in? After forever?’

‘Soon, honest.’

‘Excuse my skepticism.’

‘Couldn’t take the chance love.’

She turned her head aside reproachfully.

‘It’s tougher being a mogul’s son than my blonde looks let on.’


She had wondered back when, this youth without business school – encapsulated in a Degree in Business Management, reached a high pinnacle of a firm so young. She got her answer. Maxi put in a good word. Everybody does it.


They talk more and elect to continue the working relationship and it happened needs a consummation now. Both initiate coitous.


As he sat on the bed, she nibbled his neck as a sex prelude. Aegis Sotus grinned. Thumb still wrapped around. He’d have something to tell the boys.


Another day Neshon’s wife left the bedroom for the dinning room. Neshon and Abram fed themselves.


‘Didn’t make breakfast as norm.’ Noted Neshon.

No response.

Seeing the small sports bag. ‘Since when did you carry that to work?’

‘I do what ever I want!’ Snapped Camra uncharacteristically in Abram’s presence, who lowered his head.

‘Sure there isn’t anything more?’ continued Neshon.

‘What do you mean?’


Neshon just ate, Camra departed.


Eventually he followed her in a rented taxi. He’d gotten suspicious and urge drove him toward seeing with his own eyes. Not to say he wished an uncomfortable truth he must face.


The taxi’s purpose is stealth. Camra stopped by a pizza place behind a Volvo. Indoors Neshon’s wife, or was she, met Sotus seated tableside. The taxi stops at distance.


They greeted and Camra departed to the bathroom. Inside she changed, putting her work suite in the bag, and then take new ones from it. Even spraying her mouth with mint there.


Camra emerged in sexy, exiguous clothes. The two went outside the place and stood by the car.


‘Wait. She wasn’t wearing that in the house. And that white guy. I’ve met him.’ Neshon concludes.


He took pictures using a Samsung Galaxy Fame smartphone as the unfaithful duo kissed and got in her ride. 


On the road Aegis driving, his head didn’t turn, but his eyes glanced indirectly at her to the side in the passenger seat, ‘Your seat belt’s not clipped,’ cautioned the younger Sotus.


‘Wanna see it go faster?’

‘What about the cops?’

‘Screw the cops! Hyundai’s have a speed reputation.’

‘Woo hoo!’ squealed Camra and bucked the seat belt. Aegis laughed as he increased speed.

‘I can pay those aholes off.’


His car followed, ‘Go faster.’ urged Neshon.

‘Can’t,’ the taxi man says, ‘there car’s swifter than mine.’


The lovers were found at the beach, acting like lovers. The Samsung snapped again. Following which the pair left, Camra at the wheel this time. A song blared from its loud sound system, courtesy an 80’s group.


They obviously didn’t feel the shadow or wouldn’t have continued gallivanting to places like a hill, at which lovemaking transpired in the car. Sex and fun day over, the duo traveled to the villa, Camra and Aegis together.


‘So sorry man.’ Consoled the taxi man. Sensing the silent rage from the man cautioned, ‘Don’t do anything rash. That woman is not worth it! I don’t know a councilor but I can find one for you.’

‘If that’s the man she wants, that’s the man she’ll get. It’ll take a couple days to swallow all this. Then I’ll confront her.’


As before each morning the family ate breakfast, prior to facing work or school, Camra felt nauseous. In the bathroom retched through the mouth, knock on the door. Neshon called.


‘Something the matter hon?’

Fear inhabited, she managed a weak, ‘No.’


Leaving the house, work is not the destination, first the doctor.

Neshon not one to suffer fools greatly, verified vomit in the bathroom sink, Cam in haste, failed to clean up properly.


‘Yep Mrs. Lyon you’re four weeks pregnant.’ Praised the doctor. ‘Husband must be very proud.’


Her face stiff, petrified in fear. Just had to say “husband”.


Walking into Aegis’ office nervous, he at his desk, Camra spilled, ‘You’ve got to know something…Um, pregnant.’

Sotus astounded, ‘You can’t be expecting, we used protection.’

‘Well something went wrong.’ Camra said, adding in a faint smile, ‘Aren’t exactly small.’ 

‘Must be Neshon’s.’

‘I’m four weeks in Dono. Neshon and I haven’t had sex in that time.’

Then decided Aegis in seconds. ‘No problem, simply have an abortion.’

‘But that’s illegal in Trinidad.’

‘Nonsense, there’s always someone willing to make a quick buck.’

‘I’m not getting one,’ said Camra firmly.

‘Since when did you become a saint?’ roared Aegis.

‘It’s a life Sotus.’ The man’s attitude toward to unborn unsettles her. ‘They can become anything.’

‘Except my kid.’ He balanced the pen on fingers again. Returning to calmer voice. Ominous, ‘If that’s the case I must end our venture.’

‘You’re dumping me?’

‘Reassessing priorities.’


Now Camra’s turn to become enraged. The aggressiveness she always held boiled up. ‘Just business to you huh.’

Grabbing the pen off his finger, snapped it and bent down to the desk and pulled Aegis by the tie to her face.

‘How dare you? And how dumb. You can come to work five days a week and act without a heart, we women though have ones that break!’ Letting go she stood erect.


Aegis a beautiful man, fixed his tie, unphased. Saying coolly, ‘Contrary to what you think I do consider this a two way street. Both got what the other party wanted. Nor is it my fault you misunderstood our relationship.’

To this painfully blunt answer, Camra through clenched teeth, ‘Bastard.’ Turned and started walking.

‘Camra,’ he called. Made her stop and turn her head. ‘The abortion will make all problems go away.’


She shook her head. And briskly left his office. If she wants to carry on with him, the unborn is the sacrifice. Camra made it to half day before informing Geneive she will take the rest off. Underneath it all Camra despite her professional accomplishments and toughness, is a woman. They want a certain commitment. And couldn’t come to terms sacrificing a growing life, a liability to Sotus. For the sake of a feel measure every few days. Never underestimate Trinidadian and American abortion attitudes are at odds also. 


Neshon sat in the living room contemplating. ‘Where’s Abram?’ she asked calmly as possible.

‘A strange question. Know he’s at school.’ She delved no further, the woman’s mental state caused her to think unclearly that time.

‘We must talk Neshon.’

He said, ‘I’ll go first, sit down.’


Camra moved cautious, to him. Women have been chopped in Trinidad for less. She sat beside him on the couch, doing utmost to conceal nervousness. On the table was the Korean phone. Really rather not pick it up, but did and shocked to see pictures play in slideshow mode.


Sarcastic Neshon, ‘He sure has a nice red Volvo.’

‘Where’d you get this?’

‘Why Camra?’

Nervous, she lied. The mental state again.

‘Don’t lie to me!’ roared Mr. Lyon. Calmer he admitted, ‘Deep down guess I knew, but denied it. Why? Why wasn’t I good enough?’


Three crashes in a single day! Pregnancy, dumping and this!


Sobbing, Camra poured, ‘Our marriage was coming apart and he provided what I needed.’

‘A bigger prick? I won’t be able to enter the Hyundai again.’ Neshon sarcastic, adding, ‘And that’s your excuse. I could’ve forgiven if it was just me, but yuh did it to Abram.’

‘You know I love you both,’ she pleaded, ‘maybe we can get back get back together.’

‘Liar!’ Cried Neshon enraged. Shouting as he acted, ‘Give me back my shoes, chain, ring. I should take ‘em all back.’


Mercilessly he spat on her tearful face. Not even that was enough. Furious, he took Camra by the arm, out the domicile.


At Sotus Enterprises, Aegis, daddy and important businessmen toured the building. To all’s bolt from the blue, Neshon and wife approached the gathering in the state they left home.


Neshon stops in front Aegis.


‘Here!’ he said. ‘You bulled Camra.’

Aegis utterly off guard, ‘What are you talking about?’

‘You bulled my wife.’ Thinking he was trying to delay, ‘I have proof.’ He said for all to hear. As if they couldn’t. 


Neshon offered the Samsung. He wouldn’t take it.


Aegis thought, You literally told him! Couldn’t believe the great him was cornered by this little runt and a time like now. He glanced his lover’s way.


Trying to save his skin from daddy’s wrath. ‘Let’s take this somewhere else private.’ Antics of this order drove Maximilian to pack his son and ship here.


‘Why not make your affair public.’ Neshon held up the phone in front himself so anyone can see. This was a public scene drawing stares. ‘Yes ladies and gentlemen, my wife was bulled!’


‘So it’s true.’ Remarked Avion not far from the action. Alexis next to her. Triumphant in her mind anyway, with her competitor humiliated declared Avion earnestly, ‘Now I can bull you, Aegis.’ It’s evident by now this lady dispensed with a typical character.


‘Broke up a family.’ seethed Neshon to Aegis, ‘Don’t you care?’

‘Watch what you say to my son!’ said Maximillian furious.

‘You shut your mouth!’ shouted an enraged Neshon.

The elder man turned red.

At Aegis, ‘Made me a Netorare. Yeah, let that roll around your head playboy! Wish you were dickless about now huh?!’


Aegis psychologically left powerless. To think someone would using a local term oppose him, much less at his own place for the eyes of the world. The S.U.D. a colossal embarrassment.


To Neshon this entitled blonde made a mockery of his bed and manhood. White people in this country are rarely elected to government, however as with Syrians manipulate favor by the power of money. Elites. All those barriers crumble in the face of primal rage. His mind was telling grab the tall blond by the neck.


It takes Camra to end the carnage, ‘You’ve gone far enough. Neshon no, I’m pregnant for him. That’s what I came home to tell you.’


Neshon is left stunned. Broken hearted he ran screaming, leaving shocked onlookers and a panting Aegis behind, because the battle ended.


The story’s not over.


A mid-class neighborhood situated a mid size house. Aegis stood staring out a window.


He had visitation access of the mansion, but for all intents and purposes unable to live there for now. Punishment from his disappointed father. The beach house the same.


Joining him in the living room a chair bound Camra. In front a TV, a voice announced, ‘Mommy I’ve finished my work.’

‘Let’s have a look,’ said Camra.


The four year old Adrian had spoken in an educated way. His homework is ready. A miniature version to Aegis, save brown-blue eyes and a hint, hard to see of Camra’s brown skin. When the flaxen boy toddler came near, she cradled him. At his grandfather’s insistence the delivery occurred in the states, evidently judging an advantage to the boy, in what way even he could not predict. All the same have him return Trinidad, determined to keep Aegis there for the time being.


Camra left a broken marriage; she couldn’t tell or maybe didn’t desire to know the betrayal’s impact on Abram.


Four years on and an uncertain future. Maximilian in this way left a further lesson in responsibility to his grown son. Left limbo in a “shotgun” marriage. 

Submitted: July 30, 2017

© Copyright 2022 dreamscriber. All rights reserved.

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