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Begins as a dungeon scenario.

Your first perception is utter, all encompassing darkness. No chance to escape fear, now feasting on your bewilderment.
A small band of people awake chained to a wall, with no memory of how they got there. Disconcertingly soon know are in a nameless town under the dominion of an unseen overseer. For answers they head toward a distant beacon which hadn't promised freedom and survive doing it. Price of passage through the nightmare is they'll have to fight for their lives past the monsters, challenges and puzzles, thrown at them. Tested mentally and physically.
Crushingly godlike the overseer seems, yet doesn't squash what makes for even a band of strangers - bonds, perseverance, will and morality.
Not a game when it's your life. May the heartiest prevail.
Similar to Gantz and The hunger games.

Table of Contents

devil trial novel

All chapters were written in MS word and the entire book is pasted to chapter 1 of this site. Read Chapter

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