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Set in America, Lt. Molly Ellerweiss is charged along with her scant team to seek a quartet of bank robbers, led by the tactically able and vicious Dravid, stakes all the higher because he is a recipient of military training. His potency due to him being ex-Indian Special Forces. This foreigner is ruthless - to an exec he adds variety for an antagonist and potential appeal to the Indian population in America. Ellerweiss being a young officer discovers first hand pursuing bandits are not her only challenges. Patronizing from the commander in charge, then another cop Greg, who barged in on her investigation, a dark man from her past capable of police brutality.
Things get no easier when a shootout leaves officers and civilians dead, being a woman is distraught that a kidnapped guard she was trying to save is unrecovered, as a result booted from the case, she is emotionally shattered. Under the new leadership of an incompetent favorite, police subject to heavy casualties in a next battle. The episode shocks America. The state governor among those who wish her return, for Ellerweiss' part certain is an eye to damage control. The young officer sees herself as being tested and failed, the request to return sparks internal conflict, that being if to embrace a law enforcement force she disowned.

Table of Contents

criminal element full novel

The whole novel is in chapter one. Read Chapter

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