Hibernation Blizzard

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Submitted: July 30, 2017

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Submitted: July 30, 2017



A sunset walk

in golden meadows.

Where the ground casts our shadows.

A time spent before the last fall.

With you I am flawless .

Without you I am careless.

You're the promise that I can't keep .

A burning orb

floats in the storm .

Lighting the way into the dorm.

Where we will spend these next months.

All alone I sit and cry

as the memories go crawling by.

The moon has came out

to revive my last hopes.

As the clay sinks in sand.

We fit together like

puzzled hands.

That yearn for love's true touch.

I see the future closing near.

The days that I will deeply fear.

The terror drowns in this cup .

You are the love that I can't give up .

But, the ruins have became a

stealthy thief.

I was riding far behind.

Heading north from Caroline.

Catching these snowflakes in jars.

In a home that I once knew.

Where the darkness had paid it's dues.

Avenging the death of the light .

In the smoke is a chimney breeze.

A fallen shelter on it's knees.

Is there a way to raise the temple again ?

A lonely heart full of shame.

I'm a sinner ,

not a saint .

Selfish is my first name .

I can't go on in burning time.

Lord knows that I tried.

But I just can't get you off of my mind .

This bottle has reached the bottom

as I make a wish on a star that's fallen.

One more night to be with you.

Dance with me in the rain.

Let it wash away this pain.

To leave you I would have to be insane.

Glass filled ceiling up above.

Gazing into the eyes of love. Of you ,

I never can get enough .

The constellations start to shine.

As the wheels start to whine. I know that I have tried.

Yet, I can't keep you off of my mind .

I'll hold onto you in this blizzard.


Because you are mine.

I will love you til the end of time.

I'll never get you off of my mind .

I'm alone on borrowed time.

Heading north from Caroline .

To be at rest in your heart forever more.

Until these arms

can't hold you anymore.

I'll grow some wings within my mind .

As the memories go crawling by.

Into empty space.

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