Heart Attack

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Catfish University

The most prestigious boarding school not only in Asia but it's reputation is spreading widely across some parts of Europe and America. This is where only the elite, geniuses, and the gifted got to get a shot in getting in into the exclusive student's list. The 50 hectares boarding school is located at the outskirt of Baguio City which is packed with the state of the art technology and equipment not to mention the prestigious line-up of faculty members from all over the world. Parents would do anything just to make their child be included in the student's list.

Did I also mention that it is also a fun school?

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Meet The Characters

Submitted: July 30, 2017

Meet the Characters

Dyllan - The most popular jock. The MVP of Catfish's basketball team. He could have had any girl that he wants, the thing is... He's mending a broken heart.

Chloe - The silent mysterious girl. She suddenly shows up at the middle of the term who's always trying not to talk about her past.

Joshua - The school's resident genius.

Sky - The resident bad girl.

Zia - The most popular girl in school, ironically. She's so anti-social. She's forever trying her best to get out of the limelight. unfortunately, attention seems to follow her around even if she dress herself up with the most geeky attire.

Charles - Every girl dream guy. He's genius, insanely hot! what can I say? He's got everything. What more can a girl ask for? that is... He's secretly in love with a girl.

Alex - The drop dead gorgeous super model type girl who's curiosity always gets herself into trouble and always find her way in the head of master's office.

Find out each of their own adventure! :) Read Chapter

The Beginning

Submitted: July 30, 2017

 4 years later, The crowd went wild!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! WE ACTUALLY DID IT!!! Nakatulala pa rin ako sa ring, not be... Read Chapter

You'll Pay For This

Submitted: August 02, 2017

They're really not kidding when they said that the classes here are grueling. Sabi nila 3 times harder daw. It feels like 10 times. It's ... Read Chapter