Dean Ward : The events of the Dutchman

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Dean Ward is a top spy who is looking too defeat dos santos a criminal millionaire.

Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017



Dean Ward  : the events of the Dutchman 

Dean was busy buying a new car of the agency he had a choice of a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and a Mercedes Benz he liked the Ferrari because it had red laser and two machine guns at both sides of the black Ferrari.
Dean had to buy a car from the agency because no other car shops would sell cars with guns on. 
 This Ferrari could transform into a speed boat , a helicopter and back into a car again.
The day was good at DACA everywhere was quiet and everybody just sat back and relaxed until the laptops started flashing it was EL SANTOS Dos santos 's brother he was spotted at Puerto Rico harbour smashing windows and not looking for money looking for info about the Dutchman ship the most expensive ship in Europe . Dean had to get there and quick ! 
Dean dashed to his car and pressed the transformation button on his polished black wheel and instantly his black shiny Ferrari turned into a black shiny helicopter. The propellers of the chopper made a banging noise and it sent the green thin grass backwards and instantly the chopper took off like lightning the helicopter took of to the sky " computer, how far to Puerto Rico " cried Dean in a panic "five minutes we are now coming over Tenerife " said the computer in the car "land on the road and transform into the car ,OK " 
CRASH , the chopper had landed and instantly changed into a car "computer find EL santos " cried Dean . Instantly a blue light flashed up on Deans computer screen slotted into the car on top of the blue light was EL SANTOS Dean raced to El santos's car and eventually found it EL had a gun what he was shooting out of the window he missed Deans car and Dean shot back smashing EL's window . El jumped out of his car followed by Dean . El shot his gun making his bullet Dean's left foot Dean carried on running but he was badly hurt ! Suddenly El jumped into a car with another driver who had a mask on obviously these two people were up to something! Dean chased the car and shot a bullet which smashed the back window there was no harm to the two people and in severe pain Dean stopped running and lay flat on his back . El and the Unknown subject had got away with some unknown piece  of information. 
In pain Dean limped back into his car and drove back to the agency.
"You let El santos's and an unknown person getaway , what if the masked guy was dos , you never know it could've they know have info that we don't and they'l have an upper hand ! "Bellowed Salvador brat .
Dean walked out his bosses room with a bandage rapped round his ankle . Dean was clearly injured but he had to go and have stitches in  his leg the next day ! Dean was set an assignment to find Dos and El and to kill them before they do anything else . Dean had to find them and quick! 

CHAPTER TWO the info 

Dean was recovering from his injury by looking for research on DOS AND EL santos . On the computer pictures of a blue mask came up under Dos this mask was the exactly the same one what the person in the car wore that day Dean felt a streak of panic rush down his spine . " if this is Dos i need to find out we're he is " cried Dean . Dean rushed down to his black Ferrari "hey there computer how's ya day , I need to find out where a blue mask was last seen ok " cried Dean " this mask was last seen at Whitby harbour with El santos " said the computer "take me to El ,NOW " cried Dean 
The black Ferrari rushed down the streets to the harbour and quickly turned into a chopper . Finally , Dean arrived he found Dos and threw a machete at him "take the mask of you cockroach it was Dos santos but in no time he threw a mini knife at deans leg and ran away but as Dos ran to his car a piece  of paper fell out of his blue jeans witch read / the Dutchman one p:m five dot six dot seventeen 
This was golden Dean had to get on the ship at the time that they are which is provided on the small piece of paper . Dean rushed to his car and flew right back to the agency . He handed it in to Salvador and he was impressed Dean had the option for new gadgets and stuff for his car . 
The taxi screeched as it came to a stop outside the hospital. Dean had to go for his stitches in his  ankle which got shot . Dean screeched as a stitch went threw his ankle "best get comfy you'll have to get at least another twelve stitches and we might have to get the bullet out too " said the doctor Dean sighed and scrunched his face up in pain the doctor took the bullet out and examined it "whoever shot you didn't want you to be here in the next two months " this gave Dean a thought  " two months , that's after the date on the note obviously they didn't want Dean there to stop them . Dean screeched with joy as he walked out of the hospital he received a call from his mum asking if he was alright and that she had booked a cruise for five dot six dot seventeen that was the day dos and el were going. This made it more urgent for Dean he couldn't do it alone could he ? 
It was the next day and Dean was trying out now gadgets such as a new gun which had a radio in it , a new laser and a jet pack . Dean was doing shooting at targets . He had not missed one shot yet , Dean loved his new gun while he was shooting he listened to the radio station. After the target practice Dean moved on to his car gadgets he had a choice of another machine gun , a ejector seat and a flame thrower Dean chose an ejector seat because of the annoying people he travelled. Dean was happy with his improvements but he wanted to try his jet pack out so he did .
In an instant Dean grabbed his jet pack and fitted it on to his back . He started to hover above the ground and gradually moved up getting the grip of things he started to zoom up the sky and eventually reached the clouds when he got there he span around three times attempting to showboat . Quickly, Dean Zoomed down back to ground level shouting a big "woo hoo "
He loved his jet pack did Dean it could go any speed anywhere it was excellent . 

CHAPTER THREE the robbery

Dean had finished work and was on his way home in his Ferrari. When he arrived he fell purposely on to his snuggly red bed and lay there until he fell into a deep sleep . He was dreaming of his jet pack and him in the clouds until he was awoken by a bang and smash from his next door neighbours window . An alarm went of at first Dean thought it was the fire alarm but it wasn't it was a burglar alarm ! Dean jumped out of his bed grabbed his gun and grapple hook and jumped out of his window . He threw his grapple hook at the roof of his house and flew down to his next door neighbours door . He let go of the hook and stormed into the house while punching the burglar and knocking him over "give back what's yours or this first is of threw you !" Shouted Dean . The burglar tried to get back up big he was too slow Dean had already booted his face and just in that moment the police came running in arresting the burglar . The police put the burglar in hand cuffs and took him to the police van but as the burglar stepped into the van the police officer tripped letting go of the burglar. Luckily, Dean was ready and shot the burglar by the leg and put him in the van himself . Once again Dean saved the day . " thank you Dean " cried Deans next door neighbour . Deans next door neighbour was called Sally Sam she was an old lady " I believe this phone and I pads yours is it " cried Dean . Sally smiled and Dean went back inside his house and went back to sleep .
It was the next day and Dean was going to work when he got stopped by his boss "well done Dean you stopped a burglar " cried Salvador . Dean smiled at him and went to his shooting session .


When Dean got to his shooting session after his first shot at the mannequin Dean got presented by a lead and collar "what's this for "
Cried Dean to Salvador. This Is for your dog "my dog " cried Dean . 
" yes this is buster a husky he's well trained, if you point a gun at someone or something it will attack" cried Salvador.
Buster was a Snow White husky with a blue collar. Dean went down to stroke buster and as he did it Buster licked him . Dean thought Buster was nice when he was told and bad when he was told and it was apparently like that . Dean asked Salvador if buster could have any gadgets, Salvador said yes and handed Dean a watch what shot laser , hack stuff and make buster fly . Dean placed this watch on busters ankle and then put his collar and lead on . Dean was on his way home when he stopped at the pet shop to get stuff for buster he bought : a bed , a eating bowl , a drinking bowl , some dog food and some dog treats followed by poo bags .
When Dean arrived home he set up busters stuff and turned on the TV it was the news . Just as Dean got comfy he heard this on the news 
"Dos santos been spotted at hotel near harbour two days before cruise ship "
Dean called buster and sprinted like a flash of lightning to his Ferrari and said to the laptop in his car "where is dos santos " the computer flashed and Dean stepped on it .

CHAPTER THREE the chase 

"Get me to dos santos now ! " called Dean to the computer the Ferrari instantly accelerated to two hundred miles per hour and transformed into a helicopter and eventually Dean found Dos and El 
"Computer turn into a car" cried Dean . Instantly the chopper transformed and Dean chased Dos and EL's car which now was a Lamborghini which was red . Dean bashed into the Lamborghini and started to shoot it with his provided machine guns but it wasn't working the car was bullet proof Dean was stuck what would he do . He started to laser but that didn't work until he was stopped by a bark in the back of the car . Busters watch could hack the cars bullet proof system "buster hack the red Lamborghini's bullet proof system!" Cried Dean . Buster instantly agreed and in a flash blurts started to hit the car . As all the ammo was gone Dean used the laser which was a brilliant idea the laser zapped El and his door and in a flash El fell out of the car hitting deans making him fall to his death . This didn't make the two rivals stop though they both chased each other they both crashed .

CHAPTER FOUR the Dutchman 

It was the day of the cruise and Dean and Buster was on the way to meet and fight dos santos . They hoped into there Ferrari and set off . While Dean set off he got a text from his mum saying boarding now . Dean was gonna be late for it Dean cried to his computer saying " transform to chopper now " and it did but just as they was about to arrive to the harbour the chopper ran out of petrol and made a big crash this made Dean hurt but it didn't make him stop he went to the water sports area and grabbed a jet ski in no time he was at the ship were he found Dos with a gun and laser Dean and buster used there grapple hook to get on the ship and in no time they was on it . Dean found Dos and punched him "trying to get more money are ya "
Cried Dean and as he came in to throw the second punch he was stopped by his mum "Dean what are you doing" cried Deans mum "this guy is gonna steal your money and kill you " as Dean was speaking Dos raised his gun to be stopped by Dean who knocked it out of his hand "see he HAD a gun I got stop him" cried Dean "if you shove me I'll zap her" cried dos "mum move" shouted Dean . But it was too late Dean shoved Dos into the water ( killing him ) but as he did it Dos zapped Deans mum " MUM ! " bellowed Dean . His mom smiled at Dean and said " remember me won't you and do your job well , make me proud " as she did this she stroked buster and Dean . Dean cried and buster cuddled him. And after all of this Dean went back to the agency.
"Well done Dean you've now got a five star spy rating" cried Salvador Dean smiled and walked away but as he did this he was interrupted by Salvador "Samuel fielding has betrayed us he wants to destroy the agency and make criminals best, you up for another mission " said Salvador "always am" cried Dean with a smirk " now then let's get you some more gadgets for it ay !"



Written by Harry Anderson aged 10 years




© Copyright 2018 Children's work. All rights reserved.

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