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About a friend who dies,

Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017



Hello, my name is Jenny and I decided to write this book after my friend Tiny Todd, named because he is 3 foot something, got stabbed outside a Jazz Bar. I am sitting in my mother’s kitchen with a glass of strawberry milk trying to think about what to write. A bit about me; I am blonde and my hair comes down to my shoulders. I am 17 but I'm not your usual 17-year-old. I sing in a band named Menaces. We are a scat jazz band and we have four people playing in our band. There is me the singer, Todd the drummer, Gary the pianist and Anthony on the base. Gary is the head of the band. There is something quite funny about Gary as secretly he's a transvestite and we all make fun of him because of it; all friendly like.

Now on to what happened; I was walking down the street with some lyrics in my hand towards Gary's shed, at the back of his dad's house. I opened the door and the 3 people I love the most were sitting around getting ready to practice. I smiled and said "hi guys". Gary came over. He was wearing high heels, pink skirt and a pink blouse." Alright darling" he said. He kissed me on the cheek and I said "I’m absolutely fine" and handed him the lyrics I wrote.

"I want to try this; it's about when dads leave you". He had tears in his eyes. I joked "You’re such a softy". Gary Wiped his eyes and I went up to the mike. Gary handed out the notes. "Anthony, you’re leading" I said.

1 2 3. The song went well. We had a few tries but in the end it went smoothly. "Daddy why did you leave me? Mother has a bun in the oven." I continued singing with a bit of scat in between the lines and it turned out well. Gary came up to me and said "Well done girl, you did good".

Gary then said "would anyone like a drink?" I went for my usual strawberry milk which I always kept a carton of at Garry’s. The guys had a can each but I can't stand alcohol and strictly speaking we were all under age; but I would never tell anyone about the drinking even when I disagreed with it.

It's no secret that Gary's dad hates him for being a transvestite so I can never tell his dad anyway and it's not like he will do anything. Gary will probably just get another mark on his body and we all have daddy issues. After drinking my strawberry milk and the others drinking their cans we packed up and got in to the van. It belongs to Anthony and he was the one driving. I was in the front and we drove until we got to a local jazz bar. We unpacked the van. I went in. We were known at this Jazz bar and we were friendly with the staff there. We went into the changing rooms and Todd was messing about; pretending to be Gary. Putting a little bit of his lip stick on. Then Gary being Gary dared him to go out. Todd then went outside to have a cigarette wearing lipstick. The next thing we knew; The bar lady was rushing through the door saying Todd had been stabbed. That's when I went cold. Not tiny Todd I thought We rushed outside and saw him on the ground where we saw all the blood. He was bleeding. We could already hear the sirens coming. I won’t gross you out with all of gory details but our friend Todd died on the way to the hospital that night.

I spent the night at Garry’s. I was sitting on the couch with my usual when Gary asked me to make love with him. I said "yes". it was a hot passionate thing and being the person I am I made a joke looking down at "his cock in my pussy. I said "the cat has eaten the bird" and we both laughed. That night I knew I loved Gary; not the same love I have for Togg or Anthony but true love. The type of love that only couples can have. That morning, I sat at Gary's kitchen table eating Coco pops looking into Gary's eyes. I knew he was "the one".

That lunchtime we spent it in the police station answering questions, but we couldn't tell the police anything. We were inside the venue at the time of the stabbing. We found out the reason Todd had got stabbed. He was mistaken for a transvestite like Gary. They had problems towards transvestites. "I feel so guilty, if only I hadn't encouraged Todd to go outside wearing lipstick" said Gary. Me and Anthony reassured him it wasn't his fault but I think he still blames himself. That afternoon we heard from the police; they had caught the person who did it. Two weeks later we had his funeral and now it's only the three of us: Anthony, Gary and me.

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