Where My Heart Lives

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Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017




Where My Heart Lives

For the past fifty three years I have wished for the sentiments I will never receive from my parents. Another weekend has passed and missed opportunity to express those words.

The scenario goes like this; I knock on the door, Mom greets me and my father slowly walks to the door. Other times he doesn’t bother to greet me. It’s a fifty–fifty proposition at best. I hand them some baked goods and my father grabs the box and begins eating; like a toddler with no self control. He asks about my son, my work and my car and my responses are usually the same. My Mom speaks quickly about the news that has happened over the past week and my father remains silent; with the exception of making a negative comment about my hair or attire.

My mother and I spend the next few hours aimlessly window shopping for items we do not need. We say our goodbye’s and once again my heart sinks a bit as the car door closes.

I cannot tell you if my frustration lies more with my mother who permits this behavior from my father or my father who is too self absorbed to care. I do know that our time together is closer to less than more. My days of opening that door are past tense now.

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