The Beast of the North

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For years, the beast has brought terror to the hearts of the nearby villagers. But one villager decides to end this age of fear once and for all.

Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017



The trees around the village had been completely stripped of their leaves. The autumn air soon turned into a chilling gale. Winter was coming, and with winter comes fear. Since before I was born, my entire village has lived in fear of the destruction that came every year in the form of a monster.

The villagers had decided to call it the “Beast of the North”, by how it lives in the northern mountaintop, and only comes down during the cold season. Rumor has it that it is because the beast can’t survive outside of freezing temperatures.

The roads were completely filled with carriages being packed to the brim with food, water, and every personal belonging the villagers couldn’t afford to lose. The time had come for our annual sojourn toward the south. Every year was the same; we would run away, and wait out the beast’s rampage, then return in the spring to repair the damage only to do it again next winter.

The whole thing made my blood boil. This was our home! We shouldn’t have to be afraid of staying here. Well, that was going to change this year. This year, I planned on slaying the Beast of the North.

For weeks, I prepared for this day. Hour after hour I would practice my sword skills, with the thought of keeping my mother and friends safe driving me past the point of exhaustion. Part of me wished I could ask for help, but I knew better. They would likely only try to stop me. So, I was left with no other option, but to face the monster by myself.

As the villagers were packing, I was able to sneak into the blacksmith’s shop, and make off with one of his higher quality swords. With everyone crowding the main roads, the back passages were completely vacant, an easy escape.

I hadn’t made it too far up the mountain when I felt my heart being clenched by an echoing voice coming from the village. “Sam! Sam! Where are you, Sam?!” My march came to a complete stop at the sound of my mother’s panicked calls. The thought of possibly leaving her alone tore me up inside. At least she won’t have to live in fear any more, I kept telling myself. I continued on with my quest.

As soon as I felt I was too far away for anyone to catch up and stop me, I lit the torch I had in my satchel. This torch was going to be more useful to me than being a simple light. Hoping the rumors about the beast needing cold to survive were true, the fire of the torch would be a valuable weapon, especially when used with the oil I had drenched over my sword’s blade.

I was nearing the top of the mountain. With sword and torch in hand, I kept my head swinging, looking for any sign of the beast. So far, there was only snow and trees to keep me company. Suddenly, my heart turned to ice at the sound of a blood thirsty roar. It echoed throughout the mountaintop, making it impossible to know where it was coming from.

I did what I could to steady myself. I knew if I panicked I was surely going to die. I brought my torch over to ignite the sword, but was stopped by the sound of something coming in great leaps and bounds. I looked up and saw it; the Beast of the North.

I stood there frozen. I couldn’t make my body do what I wanted it to do. All I could do was stare as the dark figure quickly closed the distance between us. Helplessness descended upon me. Then in a flash, I saw my mother’s face as if she were right there with me. That’s right, I thought. I came here to protect my mother and my village.

With that, my body was able to move again, but it was too late. The beast had already reached me. With a vicious swing of its paw the torch went flying out of my hand. The light I held had vanished as the torch fell into the snow.

I couldn’t afford to hesitate. I swung my sword with great force, dragging the blade across the creature’s face. It turned its face away at the pain. I brought my sword up, ready for another swing, but was stopped when the beast turned to glare at me again. The cut I had made was already healing until it disappeared completely.

No one had told me it could heal itself! I thought. Before I could do anything else, the beast backhanded me, sending me flying through the air. I felt a great smack when my back finally met a tree. Luckily, my adrenaline was already working overtime, so I didn’t feel half the pain I should have.

Thankfully, I could still feel the sword in my hand. Then I realized it didn’t matter. I could hear the beast coming at me. I dropped my head, ready to accept the price of my failure. Then I saw it; the flint I had packed laying in the snow.

Without hesitation, I grabbed it and struck my blade. In a flash of light, the blade ignited with a bright blaze. I looked up, and saw the beast just as it made a great leap towards me. I closed my eyes, and with all of my hope behind it, held the sword out in front of me.

I then felt a great weight fall on my sword. I slowly opened my eyes, and saw the beast impaled by my sword as the flames engulfed its insides. I let go of the sword, and the beast stumbled back. After a few pitiful whimpers and weak flails, the beast’s body laid still forever. My heart wouldn’t stop pounding. I couldn’t believe it, the terror of the Beast of the North was finally over.

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