my nails

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Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017



i try not to bite

my nails


if i focus really hard,

and grind my teeth

and furrow my brow

i can go a few days without.


but then i forget

or maybe remember

and one-two blinks later

my nailbeds are aching and bleeding

and i only want more.


sometimes i notice a hangnail

on someone else’s hand,

and i get the peculiar urge to bite

and clean, and pick

until i feel complete (

surely you aren’t surprised

that i never feel complete?

old habits made obsolete

by new ones maintain their theme,

and let’s not forget

i am still

a madman.



everytime i shower

and put my hands up in the water

to wash my hair,

it burns;


the cuts and dips in the skin

on the tips of my fingers

will never grow used to the sensation

but it doesn’t stop me.


i will continue

to bite

my nails

as long as i live.


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