Error with an Oops

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What is the secret to this Magicians success? Whatever it is, it can't work right forever.

Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017



The setting is a backstage dressing room of a famous theater in Los Angeles, California.

There is a knock at the dressing-room door.


"It's open!" yelled Kalvin the Magnificent.

A very good looking and well proportioned woman opened the door slightly and asked, "Are you dressed?"

Kalvin replied, "Stop being silly, Karla, and come in, I am almost finished. --- So where are we going?"

"I'm not telling you, you are the birthday boy and it is a surprise. Besides, everyone would be very upset at me if they knew that I spilled the beans," Karla replied.

As Karla walked over to Kalvin she gave him a kiss. And then the once-over with the critical eye, "Woo, I told you that this is informal, so no tie and top-hat. And your collar has something on it, oh, it is just a smidgen of theatrical make-up; there, that is better. Now come on, we are going to be late!"

"We can't be late? But I'm the guest of honor," Kalvin replied while laughing.

Well, the birthday party for the latest and greatest magician in the world was a rousing success; held outdoors at the Hollywood Bowl, no less.

And of course, everyone wanted Kalvin to make something disappear without any props whatsoever.

This kind of act is Kalvin's claim to fame and no other magician had been able to reproduce it in over a decade.

Why? Well the explanation is in the rest of this story.

"Come on Kalvin, Wow us before the party ends, Please!" The party goers pleaded all though the evening.

So just before Kalvin was to leave the party he agreed to do something no-one had ever seen.

"All right, I will give you a treat," Kalvin shouted. 

With that said he took Karla's hand and the both of them walked out to the edge of the stage.

Then Kalvin stated, "Everyone gather around, all around us," the Magician said as he waved his hands in a circular motion. "Make a full circle, that's right, come up on stage and make a complete circle! Good, good, there! Now, can everyone see that we are completely surrounded and that there is no place for Karla to disappear to, --- except into thin air?"

The crowd of people cheered their approval.

"Is everyone watching carefully?" Kalvin teasingly asked the crowd.

They all yelled, "Yes!"

Kalvin waved a small wand that he pulled from his coat and said, "Some things stay and some move-on, Karla is here and now she's gone!"

And sure enough, Karla just seemed to vanish from the stage.

"Search all you want my friends, look everywhere, but you won't find her!" The magician teased and taunted the crowd.

And they did, they climbed down below, and under the orchestra pit, but Karla was nowhere to be found.

"All right everyone, I think that we have kept Karla waiting long enough. Now back away, come on, a little farther, that's better, --- OK.

Karla, it is Karla that I am talking to, now Karla, oh Karla, come back. Won't you?"

And with a wave of that same little wand Karla wasn't there!

Kalvin looked around franticly and the crowd was getting more and more excited as they looked around for Karla too.

Then all a sudden Karla made her way through the crowd and out onto the stage with Kalvin; but she had a different dress on and her hair was tied back in a bun.

Everyone was amazed and some Party-goers actually came up and wanted to touch Karla, because they thought that she might be some kind of hologram.

After the initial Wow moment had faded Kalvin reached over and said to Karla, "The reversible dress was a nice touch; it even took me by surprise."

After a while Karla and Kalvin saw the opportunity and were able to vacate the party without any problem.


During the drive home Karla said to Kalvin, "Tell me again how you manage to move a person from one Reality to another."

Kalvin smiled and replied, "I've told you before that I don't do it. Somehow that little wand is able to.

The wand was in a magician's trunk that I bought years ago, and the rest is history."


Karla stated, "You know that concert arena is not there in the other Reality, there is a park instead."

Kalvin made a gowning sound and replied, "No Hollywood Bowl, that's sad. --- Well, what kind of park is it?" 

"Oh, its an amusement park," she replied.

Then she started laughing and said, "The other You and I were there!"

Kalvin looked surprised and asked, "They were in the park when you arrived? --- Did they see you?"

"Well, kind of," said Karla, "but they were busy.

Kalvin wrinkled his nose and asked, "Doing what?"

"They were putting on a magic show and Karla materialized right in the middle of it. The audiences thought that it was part of the act so we just played along. --- It was great!"

"What do you mean by, (You played along?)" Kalvin questioned.

"Haven't you guessed by now? I'm Carla, --- with a ("C"). And you are Kalvin, with a Oops!"



D. Thurmond / JEF


© Copyright 2018 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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