Gift of One Last Constellation

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Looks like this month has something new surprise for all who likes to gift a vision beyond our universe. May be heaven above shines as evident here for all of us here. :)

Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017



Your unknown mythological trilogy puzzle our real world very close for guidance,

From any ornamental decoration carved into this garden of our universe,

A display of your wealth can undone our thought above every yawn of this existence,

When new art in an unusual way shines this night sky from your eternal neighborhood,

Next to God this special person neglect any disagreement that contain disbelief,

Where our spiritual darkness unite with a scientific condition of this milky way,

Like a new child this ancient traditional birth give us sign underneath beyond a care,

Nothing where gates open for the difference I write within a silence of our hearts talk,

In a new form this rhythm brings us near the lock-keeper of our mortal existence,

I ask when you waited so long,

We own a difference many times around this wall build for a wide variety of God-given creation,

Who is admired to believe love has the power of this surprise I emphasize thanking your grace,

Your soul magically play within any question I ask for endurance together in our steps,

This day you have gone ahead when I try to find any answer for who made us here,

I concede this given prayer for your world a part of our story in this blessing,

When we rinse your supreme foundation I sink within to light the candles at one go,

Here a human being keeps one occasion that will win a friendship for all here,

Your trust long as our energy may not stop on the way ahead,

Here I gobble this bread for the being of faith in your spirit,

When our curtain across the stage of this approval ask for peace,

Let this happiness in those concert go to the colours of undivided charity for all,

I ask you may not turn down this pledge,

Where all recitation of fate bring us the biggest challenge,

May you dont forget we are here so very much in your blessing,

A way to start in this ultimate goal come from your universe for a helping hand,

I may believe that you created our universe not to be let into its own way,

May you succeed this letter from Earth ask you a huge bunch of thanks for this celestrial presence,

As the gate of secrets open from your given endure we promise in duty,

Let you may begin your relationship with this creation for peace,

I hope you will always light this joy around when you have lot to give us where we shine,

Thanking that this is something got to give for living a fullest life till the end.

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