I Got My Love Os

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I Got My Love OS

A big Room is shown where at the room corner one girl sitting while hiding her face in her palms and crying remembering something.

Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017



I Got My Love OS

A big Room is shown where at the room corner one girl sitting while hiding her face in her palms and crying remembering something.

Fb :where one boy is sitting with his cousions enjoying while chit chating. one girl is continously which that boy.after that the girl didn't see that boy


Swara : A sweet and bubbly girl, studing her engineering, she Loves her mom and dad alot. their her world.easyily she will mingled with anyone.she loves sanskar secretly.

Sanskar : A handsome and dashing guy any girl will fall for him. he had completed his studies and now working with his father.swara is his best friend.

Ragini : swara sister good girl but at the same time jealous of swara.just finished her eng. she is in love with swara'a once best friend laksh.

Ayush : He is good at heart and nature love's his both sisters alot. but bit close to ragini.

Laksh : Laksh completed is studies and now working in london.Once's swara's best friend. Coming to the story One girl was crying in a big room while sitting in a corner by remembering her love her life.one girl came and sit beside her and asked her. what happend? again your remembering him swara. why cant you forget him? otherwise tell you feeling to him don't sit like this just tell him about your love.
towords him.yes guys it's our swara who is remembering her life sanskar.

Swara : what if he reject me? i can't live if he reject me.iam happy with this onesided love.

Kavitha : He wont reject you because i saw love for you in his eyes.just tell him when he comes.

Swara : Ok, today i will tell him, whatever it happend's. Just then she hear her mom calling her saying sanskar family came. she just went running without realising she didn't wore her slippers, from back side ragini and ayush shouts. slow down where are you running jijju wont go anywhere(yes guys sanskar family came beacuse there was a wedding for one of their cousins,Ragini and Ayush know that swara love's sanskar, they just teases her in name of sanskar) after talikg with them she headed to hall were sanskar and family sitting and talking with each other.

Sanskar : Hi swara

Swara : hi sanskar

Sanskar :how r u? you have changed alot  while seeing her(he was just messerised by seeing her. love at first site)you look beautiful.

Swara : shly fn. hm, you also look handsome and dashing. while they were taliking one boy entered from entrance of door and stand there while gazing swara with teary eays. swara saw that and felt bad. but went from there
sanskar follows her to there garden. while remembering that person. sanskar came and kept his hand on his shoulder.

Swara: sanskar why laksh came here, you known right iam not talking with him. then why he has came.

Sanskar : shona laksh is feeling guilt for not telling with you about his love story. because he was afride. what will you think about him for loving ragini.
that's why he didn't tell.

Swara : Ok i will forgive him. If he give me one Big diary Milk Silk Ok.

Sanskar : i Got to known onething from laksh, that someone loves someone, i want to know who?

Swara : (causely) i don't no sanskar

Sanskar : I got to known about you?your love towords me?

Swara : (shocked and was in tenssion)hmm Umm voo........

Sanskar : you no what swara? i was in love with you from childhood, i was just afride about you like, what you will think about me? how you will react after knowing this

Swara : (who was in shock came out )and was looking sanskar with tears filled eyes, because he no everything about her.

Sanskar : while sitting on his Knees holding a ring and ask her will you marry me and will you become my betterhalf.

Swara : who was in tears noded her head as yes and just hugged him while crying she ask who do you known sanky, sanskar said in fb(while sanskar gazing swara's photo, he just forget his surrounding while seeing his shona's photo. In the mean time laksh who came from landon to talk about swara saw this, and started to tease him, after that he told swara love's him from childhood. she was afride of her sanky reatio, so sidn't told him)fb ends.
After talking with laksh, ragini, Ayush, kavitha i got to know how much you love me, so i told my parents about our love, They talked with your parents all agree for our marriage.

Swara : what all agree for marriage saying this she hear a clapping sound were it's coming from. They all are standing while clapping her hands.swara and sanskar just went and taken blessing from elders, while elders went away so, yougster's stay there.
swara just went near laksh and asked sorry while laksh too asked soory for hiding for his love story.

Swara : soory laksh 

Laksh : iam soory shona,
after talikng with each other pulling eachother legs all went inside. they decided swarasan marriage will happen after 1month and raglak after 3months.

In 1month swarasan got to known about eachother more
After 1month swarasan got married and livied Happily ever after................................



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